A Prayer

My prayer is that when I die,
All of hell will rejoice that I am out of the fight.
— C S Lewis

This is a calling that I can respect!

But can I be that man? It’s probably too late for me to scale up to the fame of C.S. Lewis: and in any case, I doubt if I could handle the fame as well as he did.

(Also, I just don’t have the mental firepower he had!)

But, there’s more than one way to hit the enemy, and more than one way to win. It has been said that Christianity is a story of obvious, short-term failures and quiet, long-term success: I believe that there is a place for quiet, steady workers who endlessly aggravate and drive back the rotting forces of evil, as well as superstars that bring a bright light to the battlefield, causing the enemy to flee.

Moreover, hell doesn’t see what is hidden from it: but God sees all!
There are reasons why the Bible often depicts the wicked as blind and deaf…

So then, while I certainly applaud C.S. Lewis’ drive for public, clear victories over Satan and his loathsome hordes (…many of whom wear really nice suits…), I feel that it is better to aim for the applause of heaven, and the invigorating approval of God.

All that being said, there will come a time when the day of small things comes to an end, and the day of great victories begins. I have no objection to those far-seeing Christian parents who raise their boys to be wise and powerful leaders, for the day of open conflict, and open victory!


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