Local Sovereignty: How to Get it Back (Action Plan)

From American Vision’s Local Sovereignty: How to Get it Back

Finally, there are some practical measures to consider in the meantime: First, learn everything you can about your local government. This will take a little time, and will mean shifting the focus of your political engagements from the national to the local scene. Sadly, most people know everything there is to know about Obama and Pelosi, et al, and yet couldn’t even tell you the name of one of their local County Commissioners. This needs to be balanced, and essentially reversed. Read the headlines of the national stuff; react if necessary; but focus, focus, focus on learning the local stuff. Learn your commissioners’ names, backgrounds, beliefs, values, career history, voting records.

Learn the organization of your local government; learn the schedules of all relevant board and commission meetings. Know when they meet. And show up for important issues.

Learn how to find and obtain all publicly available information: meetings, agendas, budgets, revenues, expenditures, bondholders and financiers, contracts, projects, land use plans, rezoning efforts, constitution and bylaws—everything. You will find that information-gathering in itself will begin to breed questions. Numbers and budgets and legal memos have their own way of whispering.

As you get wise to the ways of your local county, your ability to get things done locally will also grow – especially if you network. After the Great Default, the focus of tax collection will be local government – and so, the locus of political power will shift there from Washington.

In the following, the bold is mine:

Don’t trust “minutes” of meetings alone. As “Sir Humphrey” of the old BBC comedy Yes, Prime Minister! once wryly said, “The purpose of meetings is not to record events, it is to protect people”—”people,” meaning the government agents involved! Go for everything you can find or have a desire to get.

Second, then start a blog or website dedicated to making your local government as public and transparent as possible. You can be as detailed or selective as necessary, as long as it’s honest and open. Post everything you can. Show any clear connections, show every cent that is taxed, how it is assessed and collected, how it is spent; show every cent borrowed and who profits from borrowing against future taxation, and who holds the bond. […]

In the following, the bold is mine:

Then, add video. This can be done merely on a YouTube or other video site’s channel, or better yet, embedded in a website. Record meetings, obtain interviews with officials whenever possible. Some local governments already record their meetings and post them themselves. The point is to have a clear and open public record, and get the word out to as many people, and make everything about local government as accessible and understandable to as many people as possible. This will lead, eventually, to the election of board members, judges, sheriffs, assessors, collectors, etc., who better represent a greater percentage of the population, and better represent local values; it will increase accountability; and it will help end corruption, self-serving, and waste. Taxes will decrease in many localities, choices will open up, people will be freer.

You have to fight if you want to win.

This is, after all, the foundation of American freedom: the first American declaration of independence was not that of 1776, but was written by a single county. Mecklenburg County, North Carolina, formally declared independence from Great-Britain on May 31, 1775, saying that “the Authority of the King or Parliament, are annulled and vacated.” They proceeded to set up an interim government all by their lonesome, until (as they expected) the rest of the Colonies should catch up.

Cases of local freedom—individuals asserting control over corrupt local officials—are occurring as well. In one case, a small town council in South Carolina had very quietly been paying itself an extremely rich pension package. When a few local business owners found out, they were outraged. At least one council member was opposed, and the businessmen approached him with a plan. They then showed up impromptu at a council meeting with video camera running. They got them members to confirm the terms of the rich package, and then asked for a show of hands on the council of all those who disapproved of it. The lone honest member of the council jetted his hand high, and the rest were caught on video exposed. The businessmen then simply thanked the council and left with the video. The council was so scared that it called a recess and chased the inquirers into the parking lot, trembling, asking what there were going to do with the video! They knew good and well.

Step by step, free men will take back what is theirs by right.

But getting the video, getting a few friends together,setting up a plan now hat to do – all this takes WORK.

There are some successes out there. But there are currently many challenges. One of the good things about seeing how deep and real the challenges are is that we realize how much more entrenched, powerful, and worse it must be at the higher levels, certainly in Washington, D.C. The nature of the problem is exactly the same; it’s just magnified at the national level. If we can’t dismantle tyranny locally, you can forget it happening in D.C. But this is what is encouraging about the successes we’re seeing: we in fact can have an effect locally, and many people are. There is a lot of work to do, and a lot of hill to climb. It will take time. But remember, we are planning for our grandchildren. It is time to start, get busy, and get a steady pace of reform.

It begins with people caring about the problem. It advances when people get focused, study, and explain the problem. It succeeds when they take action on the problem. This is county rights in action. It will only work when you get involved. For people can only be free if they will be responsible and courageous.

Men who fear hell have no fear of the wrath of mere men.

Men who know their master is God have no time for repulsive little tinsel government-gods, who stole all the money and power they have – primarily to enrich themselves.

Men who know the Law of God need not bend the knee to the self-serving laws of corrupt men.

Audio Follow up: Freedom Conference: The Way Of Wise Rebellion

Also: North’s Tactics of Christian Resistance

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