Russia: The Church/State Syndicate

From Stand Firm’s article “Russia Channels Stalin”

The re-Sovietization of Russia pursued by Vladimir Putin is accelerating, according to Christianity Today:

Christians in Russia won’t be allowed to email their friends an invitation to church or to evangelize in their own homes if Russia’s newest set of surveillance and anti-terrorism laws are enacted.

The proposed laws, considered the country’s most restrictive measures in post-Soviet history, place broad limitations on missionary work, including preaching, teaching, and engaging in any activity designed to recruit people into a religious group.

To share their faith, citizens must secure a government permit through a registered religious organization, and they cannot evangelize anywhere besides churches and other religious sites. The restrictions even apply to activity in private residences and online.

Proposed by United Russia party lawmaker Irina Yarovaya, the law appears to target religious groups outside the Russian Orthodox church. Because it defines missionary activities as religious practices to spread a faith beyond its members, “if that is interpreted as the Moscow Patriarchate is likely to, it will mean the Orthodox Church can go after ethnic Russians but that no other church will be allowed to,” according to Frank Goble, an expert on religious and ethnic issues in the region.

Russian nationalist identity remains tied up with the Russian Orthodox church.

“The Russian Orthodox church is part of a bulwark of Russian nationalism stirred up by Vladimir Putin,” David Aikman, history professor and foreign affairs expert, told CT. “Everything that undermines that action is a real threat, whether that’s evangelical Protestant missionaries or anything else.”

The Orthodox Church, it is said, never forgets its past. Unfortunately, in the case of its Russian branch, it apparently never learns anything from it, either.

Without a doubt, the Russian church is 100% certain of the backing of the Soviet Russian State… as it’s a servant of said State. See Bojidar Marinov’s Russia and the Gospel: Challenging the Strong Man and The Filioque Cause: Why the West Is West and the East Is East for details on why the Orthodox Church becomes to readily a tool of nationalism and statecraft.

Fortunately, laws proclaimed by The Authorities – especially laws that stand contrary to the Gospel – have no standing in God-created and God-directed Reality, and the nation that roots itself against Christ is asking to get smashed to rubble, and ground under His heel.



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