The Greatest Reformed Seminary on the Planet

From In defense of The Reformed Pub

I not only think the Pub is a great achievement in its own right, I think it is probably one of the most influential outlets for Reformed Theology right now. Is that over the top? No. In there there is a mixture of mostly young Reformed people tempered with still many older persons seasoned with experience and grace, some ordained elders and pastors. The community is young, with some just beginning, and all always reforming, but there is enough sound theology here that virtually any thread will eventually arrive at a sound Reformed answer or equilibrium between positions. It’s 12,000+ people teaching 12,000+ people Reformed theology under the general influence of many well-trained and well-read thinkers.

So, essentially Les and Tanner have created the largest Reformed Bible School in history.


Let that sink in.

There is not a single school, college, seminary, or university anywhere dedicated to Reformed theology that has anywhere near 12,000+ students and faculty. The Pub does, and in answering Reformed theology questions and encouraging healthy dialogue and debate, regularly, the Pub is doing the work of such institutions for such a large audience and with no tuition or fees. In doing this also in an atmosphere of hospitality and joy, it is doing that work better than the others as well. And with beer.

(Ironically, the White Horse Inn today does not feature beer, unlike the original—the realone.)

Are the members mostly credos? Probably. Are they mostly two kingdoms, natural law types (even if they haven’t heard those phrases)? More pietist than transformationalist? I assume. Do they esteem Michael Horton and R. Scott Clark more than Joel McDurmon? To my chagrin. Don’t I wish they were all followers of American Vision? You bet! Do I wish all 12k would become theonomists? You better believe I’d buy all the rounds on that day. No I don’t agree with everything said and taught in the Pub. But big deal. There is a foundation of basic Reformed theology, apologetics, and presuppositions being laid here. That’s about the best starting point anyone could ask for. I love watching it happen. And as long as it retains its character and integrity, I will defend it until then end.

Finally – a seminary I can recommend wholeheartedly!

May there be far more of them, in the coming years and decades.

(With zero-percent accreditation, of course!)


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