Dead Wars and Living Men

The YouTube Channel Military History Visualized is quite informative, as the following World War II examples illustrate:

The problem with this – especially with the World Wars – is that I end up with a desire to yell at the screen, “Stop wasting millions of men and billions of dollars on self-destructive stupidity!”

I mean, seriously. Can you imagine just how wealthy and powerful Germany would be today, if in the 1930s they decided that they liked a spare trillion dollars up for proper investment, 5.3 million living men ready for productive work, and a far higher level of respect at home and internationally? (Nevermind the R&D bonus of all those Jews sticking around…)

Or if the Japanese decided to think for themselves when they had conquered Formosa (or Taiwan, or Korea, or Manchuria…) – instead of aping the Western imperial powers – and said “you know, we already have all the land we need for a growing population: let’s just buy the fuel and materials, and set up a proper economy for a fat and comfortable life for generations to come!”

But there’s no reward in yelling at dead ghosts of a war almost a century past now. Jesus wept… but the damned shall stay dead, their fate sealed forever, first century Jews and twentieth-century Germans alike.

There comes a time when the living must turn away, and let the dead bury the dead. Learn the lessons, yes, but it is the living that must apply them, to the challenges of today, and avoid the grim rewards of past folly.

Life, joy, peace and prosperity… these are the earthly rewards of those who hew close to the law of God, inscribed in our hearts. But to keep them forever personally, and for our nation for uncounted generations, we need to recognize Christ as our only King in our lives, and Christ as the King of our Nation.

Might and Power are beside the point: the door of life is obedience to the LawWord of Jesus Christ. Keep the focus on the main thing, and all the rest – money, power, respect, safety – will naturally flow from heaven to your hand: quite likely in time and on earth, and a certainty in eternity, when it really matters!

Those men, families, and nations who kneel and submit to Jesus Christ will be saved alive; those who don’t, won’t.


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