Let the Dogs Be

“Do not give dogs what is holy, and do not throw your pearls before pigs, lest they trample them under foot and turn to attack you.” — Jesus, in Matt. 7: 6

As this society draws closer to its abject destruction, it becomes more and more important to avoid wasting your time on dogs who will always rebel against the direct commands of God, and will never repent. We have to get ready for the great Reconquesta of Christ, after the mighty towers of Babel comes crashing down to the ground – built on immorality and lies, and destined to sterility, failure, and death.

There was a great civilization, Christendom, on whose foundations the West was built. Her greatest heights was not founded on Darwinian dreams of racial superiority, not even on morality per se, but on the supremacy of God’s LawWord.

The West has cut herself off from Christ, and will die: nothing but a miraculous repentance will do at this time, and there is no reason for believing that any such thing will happen in the West. Instead, her people will die off – not so much by invasion (that’s just a symptom, not a cause), but by the end for any reason for her existence, any reason to sacrifice.

But Christ is not tied to the dying and rebellious West, no more than He was tied to the dying and rebellious Kingdom of Judah. His supremacy is still absolute (even as His enemies wither and die), and His Kingdom will triumph.

For men, is difficult to be as morally compassionate as Jesus Christ, who wept for the rebellious, and longs for even the most wicked of us to turn around, kneel to Him in truth, and live. But while some of Christ’s noble, soaring commands requires a commitment of steel to even attempt to reach, others – such as leaving the dead to bury the dead, and refusing to bother with feral and worthless dogs – are quite easy to uphold.

The entirety of His Will is to be respected and obeyed: and surely, we should obey the commandments that we find very comparable with our personality, as well as the commandments that require steadfastness and reendowed dedication to secure.


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