The Eschatology of Death — Future Zero

“Dying cultures block out tomorrow, having no confidence in their ability to cope with growth and the problems of growth. Dying Greece and dying Rome both saw themselves as overpopulated and as overwhelmed with peoples and problems, and so too does our modern, dying statist humanism feel.”

Tomorrow is coming… and it will be a hard day, indeed. But even the beloved of Christ must go through the fires, to be purged, strengthened in righteousness and holiness, and ready for His world-conquering, cosmos-redeeming work!


skulls-khmer rougeThe Eschatology of Death

By Rev. R.J. Rushdoony

The dying have no future, and they know it. They speak of, and limit their vision to, the present and its sufferings. The future of the dying is a very limited one, and, usually, they do not go beyond a few days, or more than a month, in their thinking. Theirs is the eschatology of death, and men without faith have no other eschatology. Death and the certainty of death blots out all other considerations or else governs them

The same is true of cultures. Death comes upon them rapidly when the faith of the culture collapses or wanes. The confidence which once enabled them as a small minority to dominate their world melts away, and they cannot set their own house in order nor control it. Dying cultures block out tomorrow, having no confidence in their ability to copeā€¦

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