The Failure of War, The Victory of Life

I just want to highlight a particular section of Rushdoony’s The Eschatology of Death, where he mentions the role of force, violence, and war in dying cultures:

In Speech and Reality (1970), Eugen Rosenstock-Huessy wrote of the social dangers and evils confronting modern civilization. These are, he said, first, anarchy. In anarchy, people and classes “do not care to come to an agreement.” Instead of ties uniting men, there are now divisions only, with each pursuing his own interest. Second, decadence is a very great evil. Decadence is manifested at a critical point: parents do not have “the stamina of converting the next generation to their own aims and ends. Decadence is the disease of liberalism today.” The consequence is the barbarization of the younger generation. Since they are not made heirs of the past and its faith, they become the barbarians of the present. (The modern family, like the modern school, is a school for barbarians.) “The only energy that can fight this evil is faith. Faith, properly speaking, never is a belief in things of the past, but of the future. Lack of faith is a synonym for decadence,” Rosenstock-Huessy held.

Third, in his list of evils is revolution, which is a consequence of anarchy and decadence. The old and the past are liquidated or eliminated as meaningless and irrelevant, which indeed they have made themselves to be, by their lack of faith and their destructive education of the young. Fourth in the list of evils is war. War is a sign of impotence. A system or philosophy of life which has no power to convert becomes imperialistic. For the zeal and faith of peaceful missionary work it substitutes brutal terror. A failing faith resorts to war, because it lacks the contagion of faith and conviction and can only force men into its own system. War is the resort of those who lack true power and are declining.

In brief, Rosenstock-Huessy said, anarchy is a crisis created by a lack of unity and community. Decadence is the collapse of faith. Revolution means a lack of respect, indeed, a contempt, for the past and present. War is an indication of a loss of power and a resort to force to perpetuate or advance a system.

All of these things are aspects of the eschatology of death.

Our Current Masters no longer have the ability to convert any mildly independent culture, so rely on force, war, lies, and an ever-expanding nest of laws. The current drive of the sexual revolution – from feminism to homosexualism – is primarily a elite drive to extend government power over speech and thought, without having to go through the bother of winning an argument.

In The Unique Evil of the Left, the libertarian Lew Rockwell argues that

Is it too much to say that since the French Revolution, the left has been the source of virtually all political evils, and continues to be so in our day?

There can be no doubt that great cruelty and violence can be and have been inflicted in the name of preserving the existing order.

But when we compare even the worst enormities of the more distant past with the leftist totalitarian revolutions and total wars of the twentieth centuries, they are in general a mere blip. The entire history of the Inquisition, said Joe Sobran, barely rises to the level of what the communists accomplished on a good afternoon.


The leftist obsession with “equality” and leveling means the state must insinuate itself into employment, finance, education, private clubs — pretty much every nook and cranny of civil society. In the name of diversity, every institution is forced to look exactly like every other one.

The left can’t ever be satisfied because its creed is a permanent revolution in the service of unattainable ends like “equality.” People of different skills and endowments will reap different rewards, which means constant intervention into civil society. Moreover, equality vanishes the moment people begin freely exchanging money for the goods they desire, so again: the state must be involved in everything, at all times.

Moreover, each generation of liberals undermines and scoffs at what the previous one took for granted. The revolution marches on.

Leftism is, in short, a recipe for permanent revolution, and of a distinctly anti-libertarian kind. Not just anti-libertarian. Anti-human.

And yet all the hatred these days is directed at the right.

To be sure, libertarians are fully at home neither on the left nor the right as traditionally understood. But the idea that both sides are equally dreadful, or amount to comparable threats to liberty, is foolish and destructive nonsense.

The premillennialists are fear-ridden escapists, who don’t trust in the power of Christ, nor in His victory over all His enemies in the here and now… but they are correct, in believing that there is something to fear. Something violent, ugly, vicious, totalitarian.

Intensely anti-Christ, and therefore intensely anti-human.

But what they don’t see is that evil eats itself. It is sterile, and hopeless, and has no future. It is built on debt, lies, and oppression. It is a failure, and the depth and scale of its failure only grows.

To fear it and crawl before it is to refuse to see it’s increasingly fragility, its detachment from reality. It is certainly possible to defeat it… but to break it, a price must be paid, and the fighter must be confident of victory.

Postmillennialists, men wo fear both God and uphold His Law-Word, have the hope of victory, and the self-discipline to pay the price needed to win.

We need more of them. Lots more.

God, who is interested in advancement and victory (and not retreat and defeat), demands it.

With the advancement of the government’s debt load, the advancement of decentralizing technology, and the fragmentizing of society, I doubt if our Fake Lord and Master the State will last even forty years: it’s fall is already preordained, its damnation already in effect, and its destruction already woven into the fabric of reality.

The real hard work comes with Christian Reconstruction, with the rebuilding of a holy, righteous, fertile, and forward-looking society that God would be pleased to bless. That’s the work that will take generations of godly men to build, strengthen, and expand.



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