The Ramadan Narrative Falls on its Face

There was a pretty large push in the media to emphasize the importance and glory of “the Holy Month of Ramadan”… which ran into quite a bit of bloodshed.

So ends the worldwide festival of the Religion of Peace.

Now, it would be easy to simply leave it at that. But it wasn’t always so: before it was celebrated by the Liberal press core (to distract from the usual Muslim violence), there wasn’t much more bloodshed on that month than any other. But over time, the heart of a nation, a religion, a culture, becomes more pure, more strongly grounded in it’s fundamental premises as the dross is burnt off.

I wonder what’s being prepped for Ramadan next year?

Christians would be well advised to observe the behaviour of Muslims, and carefully avoid imitating them. You serve a different Lord, who has placed a different Law-Word on your shoulders, work with different tools – redemption, salvation, and healing – and have a different destiny.


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