Fire-Breathing Christians

Be Dangerous

I like my Christians dangerous, ready to push back the enemy from the land and the souls he has stolen.

The graphic above conveys the philosophy of the Fire Breathing Christian site, which I cheerfully support. As quoted below:

The shark/fish image that I use here at Fire Breathing Christian is meant to convey several things, including:

  • The properly predatory and antagonistic nature of the relationship between Christianity (and therefore Christians) and the anti-Christian worldviews and systems that presently define much the world in which we live. The Gospel and Great Commission are inherently confrontational andcorrective. The Gospel command to repent and submit to Christ as King in practice is the most antagonistic (and hated) message to ever hit the ears of prideful men. The Great Commission mandate to make disciples of all people so that they obey Christ as King in practice in every realm of His creation and in every area of life is equally repulsive and vile to the ears and hearts of self-serving, unregenerate men, women, boys and girls. In this context Christians are inherently as antagonistic to the hearts and minds of the unrepentant as anything or anyone can be, and in our Great Commission-inspired drive to conquer every heart and culture for Christ, we are naturally the most feared and hated of all predators from the perspective of self-serving unbelievers. (See: 2 Corinthians 10:3-6; Matthew 28:8-20)
  • The fear and hatred that quite naturally will be applied and acted upon by the world and the worldly in reaction to those who would dare proclaim and apply the lordship of Christ in every realm of life here and now. As touched upon in point #1, the fact that Christians proclaim the most hated command and message to ever hit the ears of unrepentant men will inherently inspire hatred from those men, until and unless the Lord graciously converts them through the faithful proclamation of that otherwise-always-hated Gospel. (See: John 15:18; Matthew 10:22)

God’s people are here to win. Not because of our own might and power – a delusion the site wisely avoids – but as agents of God’s might and power.

By His authority, in His Name, we shall expand His Kingdom.

I initially discovered Fire Breathing Christian via their podcast, the Hell Razer Report, which I discovered on Reconstruction Radio. I’m glad that I found the site!

I also like the site’s perspective of the future: looking at it as an agent of God’s Dominion, and not in a fearful, retreatist, pessimistic manner.

looks particularly interesting, to a future-oriented believer such as I. I hope you’ll take a look at them, too!


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