Tasing, Racism, Socialism, and Empire

From American Vision

Regarding the enduring racism: I believe a good amount of this is subconscious. In other words, one can exhibit racist behavior and do racist thinks without being a conscious or even secret racist—although some of these certainly exist, too. But the subconscious element works on several levels, and even pervades institutions, in my opinion.

Nowhere is this clearer than in criminal justice. This week, a report was released that showed yet another small window into this problem. In the first study of its kind, the facts show that police in Connecticut employ tasers more often against blacks and Hispanics than against whites.

According to one review, the report “found that black men were about three times more likely to be Tased than simply warned. . . . For white men, the chance of being Tased or warned were about the same.”


Why this is important for Christians

Reading Michelle Alexander’s book The New Jim Crow was eye-opening in many ways, but also terrifying in regard to its proposed solutions. The data she presents, some of which is already well-known, is startling in regard to the disproportionate number of blacks in prison, on probation, and without basic rights as a result of these things. The historical metanarrative she presents, from slavery to Jim Crow to now, is stellar and should be digested by every Christian.

But as a secularist, however, her solutions are absolutely startling. She says the piecemeal social legislation of “affirmative action” was only a token fix and has completely failed. What we need instead, she says, is a wholesale revolution into a fully socialist society—to level the playing field for all. This is the only way to achieve true equality and make sure every member of society has access to all human rights all the time.

It’s the standard socialist utopia thinking. It’s startling enough to hear a call for a full-scale revolution, but the source of her inspiration is even more alarming: Martin Luther King, Jr. It was King who first tried to move from one to the other. As soon as “civil rights” legislation was achieved for blacks, King announced that the time had come for more general “human rights,” meaning socialized everything for all. King did not prevail at the time. Now Alexander wishes us to see the failure of not listening to King, and to return to that vision.

Put these two things together, along with a general failure of conservative Christians to present a united, biblical answer to racism and informal segregations, and you’ve got a recipe for disaster. When an oppressed group finds no good answer from God’s people, and perceives that the secular answers employed so far have failed, and realize that the icon King wanted such a socialist revolution to begin with, guess what the new cry for black equality will be?

All I have to say at this point is that if such a process continues, the church had better get ready for further socialism. Full subjection to a further socialist state will be the judgment for complacency and unrepentance on the issue of race. You won’t have a choice. It will be foisted upon you. And it will be your fault.

Well, increased socialism was in the pot already: this merely means that for a while – until the State runs out of money – there will be more aggressive affirmative action. Perhaps for a decade or so… with reinvigorated black interests contending with/working with the vast army of the recently unemployed, struggling for government money and power.

And then, the money runs out. And with the end of the money, comes the end of the power centres that keep the Empire together.

The destiny of the US isn’t a unified socialist tyranny: it is fragmentization and disintegration, just like all the other empires. North already mentioned that there isn’t much of a centre now, and there simply won’t be any such thing in a decade. The clients of the Liberal Empire will be the last kind of national centre there is: and they’ll endure until the money’s gone.

Wealth and power is going local, and that’s where Christians must be.

As for racial strife… what’s going to happen is that there will be majority-white counties and neighbourhoods, and majority-black counties and  neighbourhoods. And everyone is going to look out for themselves and their people. Period.

It is my hope that there can be a shared trade and legal network among believing communities, regardless of race… but that’s just a hope. With the end of the Empire, the local leaders will decide what goes down: not me, not Washington, and neither the corporations nor the banks.


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