The Hopeful Poor; the Hopeless Rich

I was reading As America Begs For Tyranny To “Save It”, The Kingdom Of God Advances On All Fronts – an excellent read, by the way – when I read this bit:

Praise God!

The opportunities that He has purposefully placed before us right now are incalculably awesome!

Seize the day!

Consider this: I’m writing this article at 2 a.m. from a rented double-wide manufactured home with a broken A/C unit in the backwoods of Middle Tennessee using an old desktop PC on its last legs before getting up at 5:30 to go to work in the morning. And you’re reading it now.

How cool is that?!

Think about the tools and opportunities God is giving us right here and now to proclaim, promote, and advance His Kingdom in ways that were unimaginable just a short while ago.

Think about what we could be accomplishing if we’d take these opportunities seriously and spend ourselves – our time, talent, and treasure – accordingly.

Think of the territory that is just waiting to be won.

I like the way the man thinks.

Poor man can either lead broken, defeated lives, wailing and bawling about The Man and begging the Establishment to bail them out… or they can get up, and get to work.

This blog owner isn’t just working to earn his bread, he’s also working to expand his place in heaven, by encouraging believers to expand the Kingdom of Christ right here on earth!

He has realized that God has lovingly placed tools of real power in his hand – that “old desktop PC”. And he’s using his time, intelligence, and computer – the assets he was given – to press forward the Kingdom of God.

I don’t care how poor you are. If you have access to a computer and an internet connection – or even a working smartphone – you can start turning the world into a better place, by following the will of the God who Creates and Judges, who saves those who turn to Him in repentance, and smashes those who turn away from what is right and true.

And – in most instances – those who are poor and seek to obey Christ aren’t going to stay poor!

  • they have hope, and do not despair in difficult times;
  • they have children, and raise them to fear the Lord and love His expanding Kingdom;
  • they hew close to the moral laws God laid down;
  • they have self-discipline, patience, and a vision of the future;
  • they do good, sound work for their employers (…and/or their customers…).

An entire civilization of these poor yet Godly people are going to be rich in a few generations, without a doubt! And if they don’t let the money distract them from the will of God, they will only receive additional blessings in the future!

But if they stray far from God, God will stand far form them… and the pain of failure will rot their guts, and smash their teeth through the back of their throat.

Fear God!


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