Arab Dreams and Arab Books

I’m sure that we all know the expanding use of dreams as evangelical tools in Arab lands…

But there is something else in the works: increasing Arab literacy. In Good News Chart of the Day: Literacy in the Arab World, we can see that the young are a good deal more literate than the old. This will have a major impact on the further development of Arab civilization, just as surely as the decline of oil revenues as a source of Jihad funding.

Also, a good argument can be made that

There is a strong correlation between literacy and life expectancy, employment, and income, thus creating higher opportunity costs for violence and anti-social behavior. Simply put, on average, being able to read makes violence more costly.

If we accept that there is a connection between literacy and liberalism — between the ability to absorb and process abstract ideas (regardless of their source) and to mentally put oneself “in another person’s shoes” (even if you have never seen that person or anyone like them), and the tolerance, empathy, and humanitarianism that have characterized the progress of Western civilization and the decline of violence — this is very good news.

Times are tough now, especially for Christian believers in Arab lands. I believe that Protestant evangelism – especially from Charismatic/Pentecostal churches – are going to change a lot.

Things will improve even faster once these churches go postmil. (Hint, hint)


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