Strangers & Heretics

From James B. Jordan’s No Longer Strangers, But Still Heretics

A New Agenda?

Gary North had instructed me: “This meeting may set the agenda for the next ten years. Find out.” Well, they appear to have no agenda left. As I see it, what we have here are a bunch of old-line liberal gnostics in cahoots with new-breed liberal Baalists. The gnostics are the old Biblical criticism types who have run the historic churches into the ground for 75 years. Gnosticism turns the faith into an ideology. Where Christianity teaches the historical truths of creation, the virgin birth, and the empty tomb, the gnostic has an “encounter” with the idea of creation, the idea of the virgin birth, and the idea of resurrection. Gnosticism is the heart of liberal and “neo-orthodox” pseudo-Christianity. The Apostles’ Creed, a recitation of historical events, was written precisely to counter gnosticism. It is still a good safeguard against liberal gnosticism.

I suspect that there are few genuinely new heresies: what we get are old lies in new packaging.

Also, it would be well worth any believer’s time to further investigate the Apostles and Nicene Creeds: not only to better understand and stand with the true faith, delivered once and for all to the saints, but to know the enemies of these creeds – and thus, the enemies of God, His Son, His Truth, His Law, and His Kingdom.

The liberal Baalists are the homosexuals, feminists, and Marxists, who basically want the old Canaanite and Sodomite religions. Like the Baalists of Jeroboam’s day, who wanted to do Baalism but call it Yahwism, so these people want to call themselves Christians. Like the Baalists of old, they do not hesitate to murder their children, justify sodomy, worship female spirits, and promote a religion of political manipulation. These people are even farther from Christianity than the gnostics are.

When the Enemy gets old and decrepit, they stop claiming to be against Christianity, and instead start pretending to be “Real” Christianity. Islam and Communism walked down this path, and I fully expect liberalism and atheism to do so as well in the coming decades.

The “evangelicals” were represented by Campolo and Ron Sider. I do not think there were many other “evangelicals” there. If the evangelicals and the Eastern Orthodox continue to get involve in the NCO, they will lend new strength to it, but heresy is so entrenched that I do not think they will dislodge it. Before the Flood, the descendants of Seth (the “sons of God”) lent their strength to the increasingly impotent descendants of Cain (the “daughters of men”). The result was the corruption oi the Godly, not the salvation of the wicked.

We are not to waste our time and energy with these people. Christ taught us, “let the dead bury the dead.” Let’s obey Him!

Old Wineskins, Old Vinegar

I do think I see a shift in all this. I have not been close enough to liberalism to be certain of what I am about to say. l did not hear much political preaching at this conference. This may be due to two reasons, both of which are probably involved. For one thing, heresy is now orthodoxy for these people. I do not think they regard abortion, feminism, homosexuality, pacifism, leftism, and the like as subjects for debate. They take their positions for granted. Sure, they mentioned apartheid a few times, but even this seemed kind of weak. They just take it all for granted. Their platform does not need to be stressed.

Among the chattering classes – liberal and conservatives alike – all these ‘controversies’ had been resolved by 1988.

I say, “Don’t touch the rotting, disease-ridden corpse!”

Second, though, it looked to me as if the steam has just gone out of it all. I mean, who cares what these people think? The world today is shaped by secular Marxists, not by “Christian” Marxists, by secular feminists and homosexuals, not by “Christian” Baalists. They are dead as a force in the church, because they now own the mainline churches, which in turn are dead as a force in society. These people have no future. (Their eternity will not be worth writing home about, either.)

Exactly, They merely follow the atheists and the socialists, who have been setting the pace for Western culture since at least the 1850s. (And really, since the Enlightenment era.)

The fact that they have been running to the grave – just compare Western European culture, wealth, and power from 1850 and their status today – has deterred them not at all. North’s judgement on Western Europe – most recently to be found here (firewall) and here (free) — is “So what?” and “Let the dead bury the dead.”

I can only agree with a shrug. My business, as his, is with those living in the present who are ready to build the future, not the hopeless dead, walking or not.

Thus, the big deal seemed to be “worship experiences.” I believe that they are collapsing into irrelevance and mysticism. They have forsaken the God of their fathers, and there is no other god for them to pray to. Their prayers really are yoga and Buddhism. They talk only to themselves. I think, though, that they want to rejuvenate themselves by drawing on all kinds of worship traditions. In so doing, they are moving from the marijuana of political activism to the heroin of mysticism. Good-bye to them all.

Well, I would be hesitant to say “God be with ye” to unyielding rebels, settled in their ways and in their graves. Knocking off the dust of my shoes and moving on is a better response.



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