Punishing Aborting Women

The radio message is here; the article here.

What I want to know is, why should a woman who murders her own child escape punishment? This is a good deal more heinous than 80%+ of the murders men commit!

Oh, “women are special, and are above the law”.

I see,

A related, and pretty good article, is Three Reasons Why You CANNOT Embrace Both Immediatism and Incrementalism: the focus here is on abortion, but it works well when considering other legal questions as well.

A quote from the article:

For those not familiar with these terms, politically speaking, immediatism or abolition calls for the immediate interposition and total abolition of abortion. Only legislation that proffers complete abolition of abortion and protection of the preborn – and nothing less – is embraced by abolitionists.

Incrementalism, on the other hand, calls for chipping or nibbling away at abortion. Passing small measures to curtail the number of abortions being committed now with the hope of finally outlawing it completely. This has been the paradigm of the pro-life movement for 43 years now.

Note the abject failure of the pro-life movement in the US for the last 43 years.

This is in contrast to Our Masters: when they want something, from abortion on demand to homosexual legitimization, they simply take it, with the support of the amen corner of the media. The Republicans will put up some always-ineffective show of protest to keep the money and the votes coming.

It would have been far better if all that energy and money was used on building up multiple, active pro-life societies in very county and neighbourhood in America. But most Christians in the US are pious losers – life is a lot more comfortable that way – and what they want is what they get.

Victory takes work, and sacrifice, and a conviction of success. You aren’t going to get that from the escapist Rapture-minded, who claim that Satan is king of the world, the ruler tone feared in real life… instead of Jesus.

In contrast, I am convinced that Jesus is King, and He rules Today. We will gain success when we repent of our laziness, and actually start obeying His Law-Word… and not a second before.


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