Multiverse vs. God

From Uncommon Descent:

Possibly struggling to survive, New Scientist claims there is a 2500 year struggle between God and the multiverse:

Modern physics has also wrestled with this “fine-tuning problem”, and supplies its own answer. If only one universe exists, then it is strange to find it so hospitable to life, when nearly any other value for the gravitational or cosmological constants would have produced nothing at all. But if there is a “multiverse” of many universes, all with different constants, the problem vanishes: we’re here because we happen to be in one of the universes that works.More.

The rest is an avoidable paywall.

Put simply, the multiverse idea only ever got started because New Scientist types needed a universe that originated randomly. It never had any other existence anywhere ever.

See also: The multiverse

That’s pretty much it in a nutshell. “My atheistic presuppositions require a multiverse, to escape the inevitable, inescapable logic of a Creator-God. There is no other reason for a multiverse to exist.”

Science fictions, indeed!


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