Appropriate Tactics for Today

From North’s Guerilla Tactics: The Early Phase:

What is our appropriate tactic? It is two-fold. First, at the visible level, a handful of writers maintain both offensive and defensive ideological tactics. Second, at the local level, the troops build up working programs that benefit the Church: private schools, unwed mothers’ homes, help ministries, and similar charitable works. Confrontations should be limited to public efforts to change people’s minds: not the dedicated opponent’s mind, but the mind of those who have not yet decided. The goal is to undermine confidence in the opposition’s policies and programs. This goal will work if our opponents’ foundations are really weak. Given the quality of their published responses so far, they must be incredibly weak.

The divide is between those who fight with their pens (or keyboards, in today’s world) and those who fight with their actions – or, in today’s world, money.

This means that at the local level, the actions of most of us who want to bring about the Kingdom of God in the here and now need to set up private schools (or, better yet, homeschooling networks), unwed mother’s homes, and various help ministries. I recommend that churches should start preparing to help their membership through a major recession (where many will be carrying a heavy debt load).

Useful links:

Note the distinct lack of Islamic-style or Communist-style tyrannical empires or self-destructive violence. Sure, Christian Reconstructionists – like all humans – have a right to self-defence… but that’s it. We are here to redeem, rebuild, and reconstruct a civilization: no crazies, fools, or defenders of lost causes need apply.

When today’s dying culture breathes it’s last, we shall only grow faster. And, I pray, even wiser and obedient to the will of God!


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