Critical Mass

I have been greatly enjoying North’s Critical Mass essays, which you can find for free here. They are very useful, in building up Christian Reformation as a influential branch of the Christian church – as well we should be, since

Jesus actually wants us to do what He says, and reject those fake Christians who despise His kingly commandments (gasp!), and

they actually want to disciple the nations as governments and as a group of people (and not only as individuals), as lesser kings should publicly recognize the rule of the Great King. (gasp again!)

I am very pleased that political strife, manoeuvring, power plays, and all the rest of it is excluded from North’s model of growth (never mind Socialistic conspiracies, Islamic warfare, or Frankfurt School elitism). Instead, the focus is on service.

THIS is something that Jesus would approve of.

So, I invite my fellow Christian believers to read, put it to work, and grow the Faith. Watch it multiple, and feel joy as it changes and redeems the world… even long after we have died, pushing forward the Kingdom in our hearts and in our world for all of our lives, and stand before our Master.

“Well done, good and faithful servant.”


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