Singing About the Death of a Civilization

Reflections on Fleetwood Mac’s Sara:

When, two or three centuries ago, historians study why Europe and East Asia diminished into nothingness, I hope that they can still find a copy of Wikipedia’s List of songs about abortion.

A very strange collection of dirges, laments, and requiems: but that’s the memorial the West has chosen, before the end.

I admit, I still far prefer Kipling’s Recessional, though: written in 1897, it was published before the West shot itself in the head, in World War I. If you listen carefully, you can often make a good prediction on what’s coming round the bend…

Dover Beach, written in 1867, was also prescient: less Imperial, more spiritual.

Of course, this is 2016: the struggle, the thrashing, and the drama of the West is over: now, there is only the self-pleasuring, the aging, the senility, the sterility, and the quietude of the coming darkness.

Fortunately, the Christian Faith is not tied to the White West. The future focus is now on Post-America Christianity, and not the failure, the rotting, and the death of a particular nation or civilization.

It is the Church that is eternal, for her head is Christ the King.

A few of my readers may be called to fight through the coming darkness, as Christ demands that His light shine through all seasons, even the hard, dark winters.

So, a song for you.

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