Technology and the Fall of Oppression

We all know about the technological fall of the gatekeepers, and how the free flow of information is undercutting our own Great Leaders.

But now, it’s even destroying hardened, millennia-long forms of religious oppression, as access to “Markets Are Breaking Down India’s Caste System, Turning Untouchables into Millionaires“.

Should believing Christians choose to do so – a huge if – we also can break free from the rule of Our Laughing Betters.

Now true: the Untouchables of India are openly held in contempt, and to a man know that they are oppressed: while all sorts, even a majority of conservative Christians in the West, still dearly love the Pharaohs who spit in their faces. Welfare benefits, free (ha, ha) schooling, and a preference for indirect malice and veiled contempt (instead of the face-to-face aggression Hindus and Muslims prefer) points to much of the reasons for the difference.

But the real reasons if the lust of Christians for the accreditation and approval of those who despise Christ. Get a man to willingly crawl before you and eagerly lick your boots, and the whip and the chains can be kept as light and invisible as a feather. Throw in the drive for preachers to preach the lowest common denomination sermons – to get the maximum amount of tithe and gift money coming in, and pay off the latest church expansions and the salary increase – and you have a complete survey of the command’n’control system, well-tailored to keep those Christians crawling before their betters.

Fortunately, the welfare state is doomed, and the information control tools are busted. Sure: most Christians will continue to cry out for the leks and onions of Egypt, and die in the desert, ground under by their enemies as tasteless salt.

But there will be a growing minority who have a lively hope for the future, who intend to be the head, and not the tail.


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