The Flag of Christ, the Name of Christ

From American Vision’s The flag, the Bible, and the real way to honor the righteous fallen

The Bible on flags

When we look at Scripture, we see flags (“banner,” “standard,” “signal”) used almost primarily for military organization and warfare (Num. 1–210). The prophets often use the image of such battle standards as a threat of coming judgment (see Isa. 5:26Jer. 4:621; cp. Psa. 74:9). Flags are sometimes referenced in metaphorical ways, for example, as a sign of love in Song of Songs (2:4), but even here the metaphor is of the beloved’s “conquest” in romantic love.

What we do not see, however, is any mention of a flag for general national unity or as a symbol of a nation’s greatness. The few times the word is used metaphorically for reasons similar to these, it is said that God Himself, or the Messiah, is our banner (see Ex. 17:15Isa. 11:10).


Nevertheless, Scripture is not silent on the underlying value that many conservatives think they are protecting by demanding lock-step flag obeisance. That value is, of course, genuine national greatness. What really makes a nation great in the sight of all the others? As I wrote previously, Scripture does not leave us guessing:

When God through Moses constituted the Israelite nation, he said that the very thing that would commend the nation to international glory was her laws (Deut. 4:5–8). That is, the glory of a nation will be found in its ethics, not its symbols. When that nation forgot God’s Law, and yet gloried in their temple, God permanently destroyed the temple (AD 70) in judgment according to that Law. Ethics over symbol any day. It is high time that Christians in this country focus on the ethics and laws rather than the symbols.

This is why Scripture speaks of God Himself (Ex. 17:15) and the Messiah (Isa. 11:10) as our flag (“banner,” “signal,” “standard”). The measure of national greatness is her God-given rights, her laws, her ethics. Her symbols are meaningless at best, hypocrisy at worst, without godly laws.

Our God demands Justice and Righteousness.

Yes, yes, I know that the current Rulers of the West howl in derisive laughter at the very mention of Absolute Divine Justice.

Nevermind the clowns – focus on the Lawgiver.

To continue to sing of our national greatness when we fail God’s measure of it is blindness and hypocrisy. When we demand others do the same, it is madness and blasphemy.

The major Churches (and most of the minor ones) refuse to enforce the Law, by excommunicating blasphemers – or, for that matter, anyone who challenges the Law-Word of Christ.

Since the Churches have point-blank refused to act, God will directly act to defend His Name.

How, I cannot say. At what time, I cannot say.

All I know is that He will act, and when He does, we will certainly know it.

Fear God, and not men.

God is your Creator, and your rightful Master.

Respect His Name, and live in peace.

Shun the company of those who despise Him.

And Exalt Christ’s Name, in word and in deed: such a man, hewing close to the Name of Jesus Christ, will receive a goodly reward.

The greatest reward for such a man will be in Heaven (and, later, in the New Creation): but it is reasonable to expect a substantial reward even on earth, even if mixed with the sorrows of persecution and martyrdom, material poverty and the contempt of The Right Sort.

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