Atheists Steal Science from God

From Creation-Evolution Headlines’ You Are Free to Read This

You have to assume free will to do science. You have to have a moral standard to do science. All human responsibility collapses if we cannot start from positions of free moral choice by rational actors. Unless you want to completely give up on science, you have to start there. Evolutionary materialism, however, is totally incapable of justifying rationality or morality. The only position able to justify eternal morality and personal responsibility is the Judeo-Christian worldview. This is explained well by Dr. Frank Turek* in his book, Stealing from God (NavPress, 2014). Check it out, or watch the well-known Christian apologetics lecturer on YouTube explain how science needs God.

Exercise: Apply what you learn from Turek’s video or book to another entry in New Scientist’s Metaphysics Special, “Can we ever know if God exists?” (Note: this should be an easy exercise. Graham Lawton puts out one of the most asinine cases for atheism in recent memory. The editors should have found a better philosopher to make their case.)

*Frank must know. He told the editor he reads Creation-Evolution Headlines.

No moral standard?

No law outside of the craven grasp of wealthy and powerful men?

You won’t have science for long!

Now, about that YouTube video…

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