Hillary, “Pneumonia”, and Centralized Power

…, or, more exactly, “…the Inevitable Death of Centralized Power

The Fire-Breathing Christian speaks again!

Centralized government power – the likes of which both Clinton and Trump are committed to securing and using to their benefit – is fraying ever more dramatically, and not just around the edges, but at the core. Brexit and various secession movements picking up steam are but the upper most tip of a very large iceberg destined to rip the hull of centralized civil governments to pieces…and that’s a beautiful thing.

But it’s hardly the only beautiful thing building before our (usually and purposefully Trump/Clinton distracted) eyes. Decentralization is becoming “a thing” all around us in practically every sphere of life. From civil government, media and industry to education, finance and agriculture, the tools needed to enable the radical decentralization of power are being raised up by God in dramatic fashion all around us. (For more on this awesomely encouraging development, please read Technology, Family, and the Awesome Opportunity for Decentralization and listen to the podcast we recently did on the subject.)

Freedom and Liberty is coming.

Better get ready to face it and use it, fully aware that we act in the face of God Almighty, with blessings and curses to issue as He wills.

The slavers — still blubbering about Tolerance and Security, and justifying their unquenchable thirst for centralized power — are on their way out.

Don’t worry too much about the dead: focus on your family and your calling today, to expand the Kingdom of God tomorrow!


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