Sexual Suicide for the Wicked, and Fruitfulness for the Godly

Gary North notes that there is a distinct chance that the pleasure principle that governs the dying West today is likely to expand into robotic sex toys.

This is hardly a surprise: anything, it is merely the natural end-point of the West’s march into sterility and death:

  • starting with adultery,
  • then divorce (and busted families… and the rise of the lawless bastards),
  • then contraception (government funded!),
  • then the widespread rise of pornography & fornication among youth (really, women: American men have gone a’whoring en mass since the 1880s, if I recall correctly)
  • then abortion,
  • then sodomy (including sterile sexuality of all varieties).

Christians would be wise to get married and stay married, multiply, and raise their children outside of the State schools, in the fear of the Lord and with a good entrepreneurial attitude.

There is no need for Joshua to slaughter the Canaanites, when the Canaanites are so eager to destroy themselves.

This is the era after Christ has resurrected, and rules enthroned at the right hand of God. Today, God does all the heavy lifting, crushing Jesus’ enemies: all we need to do is hear Jesus; obey Jesus; and have faith in Jesus.

His Kingdom is not founded by human hands, and will have no end.

The meek before God shall definitely inherit the Earth!

Complete with ‘…wells we have not dug, and gardens we have not planted.’



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