Pious Conmen

From American Vision

[My view in brackets]

Someone shared with me a sermon from John MacArthur, Jr., called “Who is God’s Candidate?.” In it, he makes very “theonomic” sounding appeals regarding modern politics. “Is he coming around?” is the question. Just listen to some of these radical statements:

Government, as such, serves the purpose of revealing God and His law to society. . . .

God has put into the world conscience to strike an individual if he violates the law of God, and government to strike a society if they violate the law of God. Government, then, has the responsibility to enforce God’s law, God’s law. Obviously it cannot force worship, but it can enforce God’s moral law. . . .


Wow! That all sounds great. So is he “coming around”?

Honestly, I get sent sermons, clips, posts, etc., like this fairly often. Whether from MacArthur, Mohler, or many others, the hopeful question from the sender is usually some form of the same: “Is he coming around?”

The sad answer to that question, in almost every instance I’ve seen for going on twenty years now, is, no. In fact, the truth may be even worse than a simple “no.” What you are witnessing with sermons like this involves a combination of factors, but boils down to a conflicted conscience.

The conflict arises with the obvious truths of the Bible that God’s law applies to all societies in all times and all places, that God has revealed that law to us for civil and judicial matters, and that God will judge nations according to that revealed law.

All of these general truths are easy to affirm for any Bible-believing preacher. They’re not too difficult to state either, although few preachers even go this far. But the option is there. So any time popular ministers feel the heat, for whatever reason—it may be that their followers are reading Reconstructionism or Theonomy, and beginning to ask questions—they can preach sermons like this, giving huge lip-service to “God’s law,” without ever really addressing any particular issue or applying it to the hundreds of injustices in society.

[Fine-sounding words, instead of Bible-grounded commandments, applied to the situation at hand.]

What this boils down to is a con-game. The preachers know that biblical law must be applied to social issues, but they fear if they preach on the specifics of what that law teaches about money, banking, taxation, education, work, thrift, criminal justice, police, defense, war, and much more, they would have so much controversy their churches would split a dozen ways, parishioners would leave, offerings would plummet, the grand event would come to an end. That’s the great fear anyway. So, they do what sounds great, but in reality is easy and safe: they preach platitudes regarding “God’s law.” This gets them off the hook (with men, anyway).

Whether this is done with the conscious intent of deceiving or not, the end result is a con-game.

[Gotta keep the women — who generally don’t care much about theology or law or judgement, but care lots about warmth and niceness and comfort and not annoying powerful people — happy! After all, they hold the purse-strings.

Now, if only tithers had voting power in the church, then men would lead the church, not women. You’d get fewer nurseries feeding everyone milk (and fewer giant, mewing infants!), and more armouries and soldiers willing to fight for victory, filled with men committing their money, honour, and lives to build the Kingdom of God in this world, and not hiding in a closet like a bunch of weakling women, waiting for a Rapture-minded prince to save them from reality — while ignoring the fact that Christ has sent his Counsellor to lead us to victory!

A real king, of course, has real authority, and does not need to personally guide every step of his servants. Superior, faithful, obedient, effective servants are the kind of people God wants to serve Him.

So stop slacking off, and give the Holy One what He wants!

I want to win. I intend to serve a God who intends to win, in time and on earth, as well as in eternity. Don’t you?]

You’ve heard the terms “con artist,” “con,” or “con-game.” You may know what these terms mean simply by absorbing their common usage, but may not know the derivation. “Con” in these terms is short for “confidence.” A “con-game” is a “confidence game.” “Confidence” is Latin word that means “with faith.”

These leaders—and I mean all of them, every single one—have spent entire careers (whether consciously deceitful or not, I don’t know or care) failing the good faith of their followers. They have offered a worldview involving “God’s law” for “society,” including “government” and “nations,” but they consistently and predictably refuse to go into specifics. So the answer is, “No, they are not ‘coming around.’” They are leading you astray and keeping you in immaturity with a con-game, and they have been doing so for a long time.

Stop making excuses for them, and more importantly, stop making excuses for yourself. They’ve helped you with the basics: faith, basic apologetics against atheists and cults, Calvinism, baptism, etc. But they have proven for decades that they intend on going no further. Stop waiting for them to come around. Move on for yourself. The full realty of God’s law for society and nations, civil leaders and law, that’s been promised for so long but not delivered, awaits.

Time to let the faithless generation die in the wilderness, and the faithful generation to get serious about winning!

[The faster the pulpits are purged, the better!]

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