Spiritual Mission, Physical Corpses

From American Vision’s The “spiritual” mission of the church, and the trail of dead bodies behind it:

The greatest lesson involved here is that by so often neglecting the “every area of life” picture of Christianity, Christians (especially those in both ecclesiastical and civil government leadership positions) end up creating theological beliefs that are abstract and airy, and when it comes to virtually everything else in life that matters, they default to pagan ideas, which they often baptize to make them sound acceptable to Christians.

Because following the enslaving, lying Baal’s is just so much easier than working out God’s goals with fear and trembling!

Also, you get nice dog biscuits tossed your way every so often by Your Betters!

“Don’t bother me about exchanging your birthright for a mess of pottage: we can SEE the delicious pottage being offered? Who cares about inheriting the future, and building a civilization God would be pleased to blessed — after all, the Antichrist is Coming. Any. Moment. Now!”

It is easy to see this type of problem in Luther and the many abuses of “two kingdoms” thinking that followed him, but the abuses are just as serious and numerous in the so-called early church’s adoption of Roman legal systems, including its doctrines of slavery to a large degree. We are beset by Roman-type inquisitorial courts and police today due to the church’s long refusal to criticize them from the perspective of biblical law.

If the church despises the explicit orders and commands of God, how can we expect the world to do any better?

Likewise, the American South was absolutely overrun with Roman traditions from its views on patriarchy, paternalism, as well as slavery. Once this elitism was wed to Roman doctrines of slavery, race, and caste, and then baptized in Christian language (or at least permission), the mold was set for not only the tremendous destructions of human life in the slave trade and slaveholding systems, but the justice system throughout the South, as well as the legacies of prejudice, institutional racism, and judicial inequities we are still dealing with today.

Well, in the old days Rome and Greece was held to be higher than the Bible.

Today, Science and the Perverted Upper Classes are held to be higher than the Bible.

And the church leadership (backed by most of the laity) values the Powers that Be far more than the Lord she claims to serve…

When called upon the provide a criticism of the inhumanities of the systems, southern theologians such as J. H. Thornwell fell back upon a Lutheran-style, two-kingdoms approach: the church’s mission is “spiritual” only, and has nothing to say to correct those secular issues. Some ministers today still cite Thornwell’s view of the church’s “spiritual” mission as justification for avoiding the social ills of our day. I am convinced they have no firm grasp of the history of that doctrine, the long trail of dead bodies behind it, the church itself, or what the Bible teaches about being “spiritual”—i.e., meeting every area of life with application of spiritual truth.

That’s a lot of innocent dead people the Church has to be held in account for.

Perhaps God is simply done with the rancid disobedience of the Western Church, and the Holy Spirit has moved on to those who welcome His direction…

…while leaving His enemies to seek the council of the intensely anti-Christian Establishment and the Media, just as they have aways desired to. “Any King but King Jesus! Any Law but God’s Law!”

Had the church been in her pulpits with a message of biblical law and love that was both uncompromised and uncompromising in its demand on just her members (let alone society at large), and a trenchant critique of the prevailing institutions as the inhumane, pagan Roman garbage that they were, I dare to say that the entire history of negro slavery in the entire West would have been prevented.


But it would take TOO MUCH WORK to obey God, to absorb and obey His Law-Word.

Far, far easier to just baptize any cant the Right Sort has chosen to spout.

Christians need to realize that this issue is far more important than even we Reconstructionists have emphasized to date. Christians have not only historically neglected to apply the faith to every area of life, we have too often done so because the forces of the world held out more immediate benefit for us when we compromise than when we stand on principle, and we take the money, the honor, the prestige, the illusion of protection, the shelter, the degree, the accolades, the perks, the cigar. Furthermore, we have almost universally neglected to admit our vast and repeated compromises when we review our heroes in history. Let’s be open an honest about this: this is bearing false witness at a very high and very costly order.

Keep an eye out for that one, “…the illusion of protection…”

And the refusal to admit that any compromise was even made, that any sin was even committed, invites nothing more but even more punishment from the rod of God.

Until we repent of these errors, expect to see two things for certain. First, you can expect that the answers to the social ills of our day will continue to be proposed by radical leftists, whose only answer will be for greater humanism, greater material equality imposed by the power of the state’s deadly sword, greater control by the state, greater socialism, and greater marginalization of the church. Second, you can expect to see the church adapting to these new realities by crying “persecuted,” when in fact the church’s marginalization came from her own self-imposed silence; and in consequence of this silence, you can expect the church eventually to adopt the proposals of the humanists, leftists, etc., only in some newly-baptized form in which the church pretends it always had the answers in God’s Word and was leading the parade all along.

Christians send their children be taught by their enemies, and then whine and bleat about being persecuted.

Pathetic and laughable.

Except God isn’t laughing.

Indeed, I suggest that there isn’t a trace of amusement on His visage, as He surveys the complete, abject failure of the Western Christian Church.

Well, one thing is clear: the answers are indeed in God’s Word. If the pulpit can learn from her better historians, it just might return to biblical law and seek the answers to the problems, and then preach them. It could save itself from the embarrassment of carrying Caesar’s coattails in the name of Jesus, and it could save the lives, freedoms, and fortunes of a great many oppressed people in the process.

I am somewhat less optimistic than the writer: I actually do believe that better days are coming, but only after the current generation of failures vanish in the spiritual Sinai desert we’re in.

God being kind, it’s about ten years away, before the willful failures, ever-eager to sacrifice their children to the public school systems, in love with powerful armies and mighty leaders, and hostile to any preacher who stands up for the Word, simply dry up and blow away, as forgotten and irrelevant as their any-minute-now Raptures and their Moral Majorities.

We see how God rewards His enemies, in time and on earth, regardless of their moral posturing.

Let’s have a serious, committed, and faithful generation show the world how God rewards His friends.

Those who are meek before God need not crawl before powerful men.


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