Father Hamel’s Murder, and Deathbed Conversions

From GetRegion, we learn that after the Islamic murder of Father Hamel – now seen as openly Satanic, by the Catholics (including the Pope) – the man is now well on his way of being canonized.

Also, GetReligion notes the unusual spiritual circumstances of his murder (soon to be his martyrdom). Very medieval, yes, but that alone is not enough to disqualify it from consideration.

Unlike may Calvinists, I believe that the Holy Spirit can act in a highly miraculous fashion today, including healing and wonders – but not to add anything to the Inspired Holy Scriptures.

I have long been confident that Muslims are Muslims, and that as they grow in number, they will naturally Islamize Europe to the extent that they have the power to do so. Factor in that ….

  • there are millions and millions of Muslims ready and willing to move into the depopulating West
  • Europeans have no interest in reproducing themselves

…and its reasonable to assume that they will all be under the heel of the Jihad, sooner or later.

But such a mechanical outcome is not so certain if they repent of their sins, and turn to Christ – yes, even as Catholics understand Him.

I still doubt it myself: and even if — after the coming crushing depression, the destruction of the welfare state, and the end of the European Union — there is some kind of Official Restoration of State-Backed Christianity, as occurred in Russia… well Russia is still a dying nation.

Last-minute conversions may well save some dying souls from hell, but they will still die.

I also believe that God is through with government-subsidized Christianity. (Points to the Church of England, and the Russian Orthodox Church.)

“No man can serve two masters.”

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