The Amish and Forgiveness

An intense story of the Amish, and their forgiveness of the mother of a mass-murderer who killed five of their daughters can be found here. (And the GetReligion summary, here)

Forgiveness is a serious business. It would be wise for Law-Loving theonomic/Christian Reconstructionists to remember this, as God forgave us for doing far worse than that vicious and hell-damned man did.

For we did not do something as despicable and loathsome as murdering little girls: we chose to attack God, who defines the very meaning, and is the very source, of Truth, and Love, and Justice.

(For after all, after you have disposed of the very meaning of these virtuous and noble concepts, the very Source of the Law that protects the innocent, murdering anyone and everyone is a snap. Ask any Nazi, or any Abortionist, or any Marxist.

The only reason why those girls are mourned is because they were born alive: if there were all aborted by having their heads crushed 30 seconds before birth, there wouldn’t be a murmur of dissent in the press.

God is not amused by our repulsive sentimentality… and our writhing contempt for His law. Not at all.

The solid majority of Christians — and the entirety of the Ruling Class — believes there will be no meaningful consequences for this. But you and I know what happened to that child-killer, and so we know what will happen to our Ruling Class in the afterlife… and to the societies and populations that backed them, by open support or by the pointed refusal to oppose them, in time and history.)

At our core, we are no different than that accursed one is, and we deserve the same final destiny. Only the love and compassion of Jesus Christ, coupled with His sinless divinity and His Priestly status, can save us from getting exactly what we deserve.

With repentance before Christ, there is forgiveness. Even the solid majority of Christians grossly undervalue this amazing gift, due to our contempt for both the Law that judges, and the punishments of Hellfire/the Lake of Fire.

We had better accept the Holy Gift of Christ, and bring Him into the core of our hearts, the marrow of our bones, the centre of our minds.

The Amish are to be commended for the seriousness they treat forgiveness, and here serve as a model for us to contemplate, and perhaps improve on one day.

But they refuse to battle evil, being amillennialists. No rapture escape for them: just endless huddling and retreat and impotence, by and large. A fantasy retreat into enclaves, and the powerlessness of obsolete tools.

They are wrong in this, as this world is not the property of Satan, but of Christ.

We are called to be obedient to Christ, to bring forth the Kingdom of God everywhere, in all places. There is not a single atom that God does not claim, and not a single thought that Christ rightfully demands.

To suggest otherwise is to merely give space for lawlessness to breed, and grow, and rule in its destructive and futile and worthless manner.

If you are as weary of the rancid incompetence and cruelly pathetic nature of the wicked, and if you are tired of having their feet at your throat, then it’s time to get serious about obedience to the Law-Word of Christ.

Application of His Commandments everywhere, from our hearts and minds, to the courts and the academies, is demanded by God.

And it’s well past time we gave God what He wants.

Forgiveness in the face of genuine repentance is good, blessed, and holy… but increased sinlessness, holiness, and righteousness is definitely better.

And to get that, you need the Kingdom of God to fill the earth, and all the nations to be disciples of Christ the King.


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