Freedom, The Book

I have come upon a book, Freedom by Kevin Swanson, that reminds Christians where their freedoms come from. Like Apostate: the Men who Destroyed the Christian West, it’s a review of where we were, and where we are… and some advice on where we should be.

And no, it isn’t shivering under the bed, waiting for the Antichrist!

For one thing, there will always be antichrists, who fight against God… and whose failures are becoming more obvious by the moment. Second, the classic Antichrist spoken of in Revelation was Emperor Nero, a wicked man and persecutor who has been dead for quite a long time now.

No need to fear a dead man

(however powerful he was),

and no need to fear walking, talking, deluded failures

(regardless of how much money and political power they have at this moment).


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