An Abbreviated Christian Reconstruction Reading List

From A Christian Reconstruction reading list:

A Christian leader recently approached me. He has grown acquainted for some time with Christian Reconstruction and Postmillennialism. He wants to know more. He is a pastor and teacher, and leader of a small Christian college. He asked me to provide him a reading list of Reconstructionist literature. I agreed to provide a sort of guided reading list.

Once I had written him back, finally, I realized this may be helpful to a good number of people—leaders and laymen, moms and homeschoolers alike. So, I am going to share a considerable part of what I wrote him.

(Keep in mind, a guided reading list of Christian Reconstruction is a different animal that the listing of “books that have most influenced me”—although some of the books on each list will be the same.)

I’m not going to cut-n-paste the entire webpage, much as I would like to.

But I will give some of the introductory books for my readers, right here and right now:


Ray Sutton, That You May Prosper (First and Foremost book to read).
Gary North, The Dominion Covenant
Joel McDurmon, Restoring American One County at a Time



Joel McDurmon, The Bounds of Love: An Introduction to God’s Law of Liberty (purchase)
R. J. Rushdoony, Law and Liberty
Greg Bahnsen, By This Standard
Kenneth L. Gentry, God’s Law in the Modern World



David Chilton, Paradise Restored
Kenneth Gentry, The Greatness of the Great Commission
Gary DeMar, Is Jesus Coming Soon? (purchase)


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