Creationism Invades Europe

Creationism Invades Europe

An antiscience movement once limited mostly to the U.S.
is gaining ground on the eastern side of the Atlantic

I can hardly wait until creationism – which, as the basis of all scientific progress, insists that

  1. The universe is intelligently ordered, and
  2. Humanity is meant to uncover many (but not all) of the universe’s secrets

Is again the default position of all educated men.

Some feel that this is the work of centuries: while I respect that viewpoint, I suggest that it is too pessimistic. Take away the government funding, the public schools, and the official certification boards, and it won’t last a century.

(“Won’t last 75 years”, if you throw in the end of 95% of today’s guild-ridden, clique-dominated university system, replaced by various internet knowledge associations & networks.)

The enemy is being pressed back to his gates: let’s smash the gates of hell, and finish the job!


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