History and Destiny

From Gary North’s Historiography and Destiny:

“History is written by the victors.”

You probably have read this statement. It’s true as far as it goes. But it misses the point. What is the point? The final victor. Who will be the final victor?

This is the issue of eschatology: the doctrine of the last things. Everyone has an eschatology, but most people don’t give it much thought.

Cosmic evolutionists have an eschatology: the heat death of the universe. In one phrase: “Eventually, everything will run out of gas.” Entropy is a one-way street to oblivion. The triumph of absolute zero will kill all life.

Then who will write history? No one. There will be no further history to write.

Then what is the meaning of life? There is none.

If you want more on this, read Chapter 2 of my book, Is the World Running Down? You can download the PDF for free here.

Conclusion: your concept of destiny shapes your concept of history: past, present, and future. Secondary conclusion: a society’s concept of destiny shapes its view of history: past, present, and future.

Reasonable so far? Let us continue.

The vast majority of Christians cringe and beg before Properly Credentialed Experts.

Seeing that these evolutionists have no goal, no vision, nothing but death as their desired goal, I see no reason why any believer should fear these dedicated losers. Or the dying society of losers they have chosen to create.The future does not belong to the antichrists… if only because they are so eager to jump into the grave!

The victors write the textbooks, but these offer ideal targets. A historian who believes that the prevailing Establishment will not maintain its control over the textbooks and media in the future has a chance to write a revisionist history of the nation. A revisionist history can serve as a weapon against the Establishment.

Indeed, without such pre-replacement histories, it is hard to recruit dedicated people who will commit to undermining the prevailing order.

Textbooks let the revolutionary identify the mistakes made by the defenders of the once-lost cause.

If you want to win, you have to learn, as well as work.

You also have to believe that victory is actually possible: that God will conquer; that — kicking and screaming all the way — the world will get better, as will the character of men.

(Yes, even uncompromising unbelievers. Sure, they loathe God in their heart of hearts, but they will suppress their murderous instincts and act the Christian, in order to get what the Christian gets, in time and on earth.

I’d much prefer the damned try to act Christian, then fully act Satanic. This keeps the level of theft and murder down, and God is even happy to bless those who secretly hate him, but officially obey his commands (while they carefully avoiding directly glorifying Jesus in any way or form).

Temporary blessings, yes.

Just for this life, yes.

But real blessings, all the same.)

If you think that men will only get worse and worse, then you definitely don’t know how most men on Earth behave and lived…

  • in 1950 (massive Communist tyrannies, anyone?),
  • or in 1900 (huge racist empires covering the entire world),
  • or in 1850 (actual slavery in America and much of the world, few children surviving infancy, incredible spiritual ignorance)

When claims are refuted by reality, ditch the claims!

History textbooks are written by victors. But they are also written by wanna-be victors.

If you expect your cause to win, you need textbooks that reflect and reinforce this expectation. You need to understand the way the world works in terms of your concept of cause and effect. You need evidence of the following: sovereignty, authority, law, historical sanctions, and time.

If you do not expect your cause to win, you will not read, let alone write, textbooks that reflect and reinforce your views. What is the use? The cost-benefit analysis comes down on the side of this dictum: “Eat, drink, and be merry, for tomorrow we die.” This is the outlook of losers.

One thing about postmillenialists: they read books, they write books (and blogs, and make podcasts).

That’s because they expect to win. They plan to be the head, and not the tail.

“Has not God promised it? Therefore, it will happen!”

Postmillenialists expect that God-fearers and Covenant-keepers will rule, and Satan’s men will pretend to be Christians, and cower in ghettos, and struggle to bear children, and labour to pretend to be good within he numerous, expanding societies shaped and directed by God’s law and God’s will.

I have offered lists of revisionist history books we need. But we will not get them until a hard core of self-disciplined, self-funded historians gain a sense of destiny.

Wherever God has placed you, it’s time to get to work in completing the work He has set before you, to bring more and more (and more!) of the world under His dominion.

It’s time to work, and time to win.

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