The Biggest Problem in the World Today

From Gary North’s Millennialism and Social Theory

What is the biggest problem facing the world today?


I have a traditional answer to this question. Why traditional? Because the question is itself traditional. The answer to this question has been the same from the day that Cain killed Abel. The biggest problem facing the world is that the vast majority of the people in this world are headed straight to hell.

It is extremely unfortunate that most Western Christians — or at least those calling themselves Christians — have no real interest in this fact.

Their lack of interest will not stop the screaming of the damned. But it can easily be a point of shame among the saved.

It is a very good thing that Christ covers all of His people’s sins… and their profound lack of love and concern. Don’t expect any accolades from heaven for cold, merciless hearts and souls, though.

If “the world” means the people who live on planet earth, then this is the number- one problem on earth. It can be solved in only one way: a huge, rapid, historically unprecedented wave of conversions to saving faith in Jesus Christ.

Christians say that anything that happens to an individual on earth is insignificant, compared to his eternity. But is this really true? It is not true, but this is how Christian evangelists have traditionally described the problem. The problem is not stated correctly. One event that happens to a person on earth is vastly more important than anything that happens to him in eternity: his acceptance or rejection of Jesus Christ as his personal Lord and Savior.

What we do on earth actually does matter in eternity.

And some things matter more than others.

Especially the key question, regarding Jesus Christ.

It is unfortunate that there are so many liars who despise His Sonship, His Authority, His Law-Word, and His Crown, including Jews and Muslims, Atheists and Buddhists… and many, many Christians.

Their hatred, however veiled and softened, does not change the fact that there is only one way to heaven, and that is by accepting Jesus Christ as God in the Flesh, the only Begotten Son of God, fully God and fully Man, and the only true Saviour.

Anything else is just another murderous and vicious lie… a demonic and cruel lie… a lie that leads only to eternal suffering and agony, rightfully earned by our own filthy, abominable and lawless sins and unrighteousness thoughts and deeds.

This event can take place only on earth and in history. “And as it is appointed unto men once to die, but after this the judgment” (Heb. 9:27). This covenantal (judicial) decision will determine where the person spends eternity, so it has to be far more important than eternity itself. After all, something that Adam and Eve did on earth and in history got humanity into this frightful legal position in the first place.

Believe it!

Jesus was quite clear about what is most important in life and death, and why: .

Verily, verily, I say unto you, He that heareth my word, and believeth on him that sent me, hath everlasting life, and shall not come into condemnation; but is passed from death unto life (John 5:24).

“Is passed from death unto life”: this is the heart of the matter.

Jesus is the door to life. Who else can provide the sinless, righteous, lawful, God-blessed escape from God’s just wrath? Mohammad? Darwin? Buddha? Marx?

When we say to someone, “You’re history,” we mean it is all over for him in our eyes. When, at the moment of a person’s death, God says, “You’re history,” He really means “You’re eternity.” It is all over for him in God’s eyes. These are the only eyes that really count.

Not a single religious establishment matters as much as the will of the Father does… as expressed through the Son.

(The Church is supposed to reflect the will of her Head, Jesus Christ. Does she?

By observing the fruits of her actions, the results of her words…
by measuring her by the yardstick of Christ and Moses,
the Law and the Testimony, you can judge for yourself…

…and shudder.

It is easy to observe and demonstrate that God is punishing the Church at this very moment for her wanton disobedience and contempt for her Head and her Calling.

But just be aware: judgement starts at the Church. It does not end there!)

And if the Will of the Church, Christ’s Body

— lawfully holding the keys of heaven and hell —

does not matter as much as the Will of God

— who can raise up and cast down any branch of the Body, just as He Wills —

then no one else really counts at all.

  • Not the eyes of the Leader, the State, and its various functionaries.
  • Not the Media. Not Academia.
  • Not the Corporations. Not the Party. Not the Race. Not the Military.
  • Not even the Senior Banks!

The eyes of God are the only ones that really count.

So, the greatest problem facing the world today is the same old problem: most people have not accepted Jesus Christ’s atoning work on the cross as their only legitimate,

acceptable payment to a God of wrath. (How about you?)

They expect that their own righteousness will save them. Their own good works.

No, it won’t.

They expect that a priest or a guru, a ritual or a chant or a magical incantation, will protect them.

No, it won’t.

They believe that judgement won’t happen, that God’s wrath is just a fable.

It is not.

Only true and full-hearted submission to the authority of Jesus Christ as the ONLY Begotten Son of God, calling Jesus Christ as our ONLY Saviour, taking HIS Sinless nature as our protective shield via Baptism and the Lord’s Supper, and joining His Body, the Church Universal, will satisfy the wrath of God.

Jesus saith unto him, I am the way, the truth, and the life:
no man cometh unto the Father, but by me.
” — John 14:6

Today, the numbers of people on earth are staggering. Be- tween five billion and six billion people are now alive. These numbers are expected to grow, short of some unforeseen calamity like a plague or world war. But if the gospel continues to be rejected by at least 90% of these people, as is the case today, then most people are facing a gigantic calamity that only Christians accurately foresee. They are headed for eternal wrath.

The most horrible thing that could possible happen, will happen… to billions.

And the solid majority of Christians will just let it happen.

Uncaring, and unconcerned.

What unbelievable levels of contempt and hatred do Christians have to the unsaved!

In direct contradiction to God’s explicit commands.

In direct challenge to Christ’s loving actions.

It is by obedience to their King, that Christians demonstrate their allegiance to Him.

Not by the mere mouthing of words!


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