Wise, Efficient Giving

Gary North writes:

When you give money to fund a project, how do you find out if the project worked as promised?

Would you give more money if you could be sure?

What if you could get a photo or a video as soon as the project is up and running? By “as soon as,” I mean — in round numbers — 90 seconds.

What if you could give to a project and know that 100% of your money will go to the project — no overhead?

What if the missionary or aid worker you support could go online and get an app that will let him do all this?

It’s all possible. Two months ago, it wasn’t.

Tom Woods interviews the developer of the app: a 26-year-old missionary in Malawi, the poorest nation on earth.

You can get more info here:

And the site itself: DonorSee.


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