Recent Articles from the Fire Breathing Christian

A selection of articles from a Christian Reconstructionist website, the Fire Breathing Christian:

Escapism vs. Exaltation: Two Opposing Motives for Sci-Fi and Fantasy

An excerpt:

…can fantasy in practice exalt God and thereby deepen our understanding, pursuit and application of His Nature throughout His creation?

One way of answering these important questions from Scripture is to notice the manner in which God has chosen to communicate truth about His Nature to us through His Word – a perfect, sufficient Word that often employs fantastic illustrations, fantastic characters, and fantastic (yet still totally true) stories.

There are dragons, demons, witches, angels, sorcerers, talking animals and all manner of fantastic characters involved, each of whom have been perfectly employed by God to tell us things about His plans, purposes, and Nature.

There are staffs turning into snakes (which then eat each other), there are vast bodies of water turning to blood, there are massive plagues, there are pillars of fire, there are battles between angels and demons, and all manner of fantastic means by which God has spoken (and continues to speak) of His Nature to His people in His Word.

Obviously, there are books worth of material that could be devoted to clarifying and understanding the many fantastic elements contained in Scripture and what they mean in application here and now for us. While I’d like to get around to writing such a book someday soon, Lord willing, for now let me just try to make two quick points before moving on:

  1. Fantasy, like myth, does not necessarily mean untrue or unreal. Fantastic tales and mythologies can indeed contain very real and very true characters, encompass very real historic events, and convey biblically sound truths. .

  2. The fact of God’s purposeful use of sometimes very dark characters and situations is not to be confused or contorted into God (or His people) in any way or at any time legitimizing evil actors or evil acts themselves. One apparent purpose of God using these darker elements as He does is to craft the dark backdrop upon which He juxtaposes the shining, bright beauty of His attributes. There is much more to say on this, of course, and I hope to tackle this area in some detail in the Part 2 follow up to last week’s post on gaming, but for now I hope that the notion of God’s purposeful use of dark figures and dramatic stories featuring many fantastic components can at the very least be seen as confirmation that the use of such things in such a manner can indeed be profitable, and perfectly so.

I get more into this article in my other Traveller blog, Escapism vs. Exaltation

America’s Open Marriage With Jesus

An excerpt:

Somewhere along the line way back in the day, “We the People” decided that God’s crystal clear Word on matters of fidelity and obedience to Him in detail and in practice were optional. We decided that His Word need not be our way in legal, economic, educational or political practice.

We imagined ourselves not to be bound to His Word, which is another way of saying that we imagined ourselves not to be bound to Him…all while claiming to be somehow seriously attached to Him through our (hollow) words, songs, and church services.

We wanted – and continue to desire – Jesus as our Savior, and even as the frequent object of gushing lip service aimed at preserving the illusion of fidelity to Him, but we have no intention of actually being true to Him in practice on His terms as lovingly conveyed in detail through His Word.

Oh no, We the People can’t have that!

Instead, we prefer an open marriage in practice, even if we’re far too cowardly and corrupt to admit it out loud (yet).

We don’t want to be bound to Him completely.

We want to keep our options open.

We want to play the field.

We want to be “free” to choose who will be our lord and lover in practice in the realms of economics, law, government, art, and politics.

We want to claim Jesus and promote the illusion of our commitment to Him when, in reality, we actually despise even the thought of submitting to him in detail.

It’s a lot like wearing a ring and calling ourselves married while just redefining marriage to mean what we want it to mean rather than conforming to the concept as defined by God in His perfect Word.

We don’t want Christ as our Husband in economics.

We don’t want Christ as our Husband in law.

We don’t want Christ as our Husband in politics, art, and business.

We want others instead.

Many others.

We want to whore around.

We want an open marriage.

But Jesus – the real One – doesn’t do open marriages.

He destroys them.

Few Christians actually believes this… which merely means that we are going to be taught this truth. Painfully, so the lesson sticks.

State-Supervised Polytheism: The Official Religion Of America

An excerpt:

Because the State-run “education” of Americans has gone on for so long now and transformed us as a people so profoundly over the last 150+ years of gradual, progressive indoctrination that we don’t even notice the putrid anti-Christian bilge we’ve been conditioned to swim in as though it’s the purest and cleanest of water.

Yet however much those “educated” by the State may have you and I to believe otherwise, America most certainly does have an official, and officially enforced, State religion.

That religion is State-Supervised Polytheism.

This variant of garden variety Statism – in which the State is God in practice – takes the clever route of pretending to encourage its citizens to pursue true devotion to whichever god or gods or goddesses or whatever they like while, in truth, denying in practice and at every turn the notion that any one of those gods or goddesses or whatever is really and truly God. The State is positioned as being “for freedom of religion” and its citizens are encouraged to pretend that they have true religious freedom when, in fact, according to every bit of God’s Word on the subject, they are actually being bound by the State to treat all gods, goddesses, and whatever else anyone wants to worship as equals in practice where the rubber meets the road in the real-life realms of law, government, economics and, of course, children’s education.

Put another way, all lesser gods (like Jesus, Allah, and Satan) are to be treated equally under the authority of the one and only true god in legal, governmental, and educational practice: The State.

God cannot be treated as God in legal, governmental, economic, or educational practice.

Oh no, we can’t have that!

Not in America.

In America, the State is god in practice in each and every one of these realms…which is precisely why we are so dramatically reaping the poisoned fruit of a satanic approach to  the realms of law, government, economics, and education.

We’re getting exactly what we’ve chosen for these areas of life by presuming to separate them from explicit subjugation to Christ as King. We have rejected Christ as Lord in education, economics, politics and law in order to chase after the almighty State as god in practice over these realms, and in doing so have forged the chains of our own bondage.

This is All-American State-Supervised Polytheism in action.

People say things they imagine are true, then actually make reality by their actions.

Don’t get distracted: keep your eyes on the ball.

US Military Preps Transgender Army For Prolonged War On God [insert “U! S! A!” chant here]

An excerpt:

Just in case anyone might be tempted to defend their denial by latching onto the now-laughable proposition that the US Army going with an openly lesbian general was a fluke or that the US Navy naming a new warship after famed gay rapist Harvey Milk was an anomaly or that Army Cadets being pressured into crossdressing was a weird little mistake that somehow slipped through the cracks of an otherwise honorable and good approach to reality, we keep getting wave after wave after tsunami after avalanche of crystal clear confirmation of the US military’s proud, headlong plunge into oblivion (and oblivion advocacy, of course)

The latest example of God-given uber-clarity on the matter comes in the form of a lovely little article entitled First transgender soldiers seek formal Army recognition, wherein AP reports (with bold emphasis added):

Within weeks of the Pentagon allowing transgender service members to serve openly, Army officials said 10 soldiers have formally asked to be recognized as their new, preferred gender.

The small number represents only those who have publicly said they are transgender, and doesn’t include soldiers who may be considering or beginning gender transition or those who don’t yet want to make an official paperwork change.

Gen. Mark Milley, chief of staff of the Army, said the key now is to educate the force, particularly commanders who will have to make decisions about soldiers in their units who request a gender change.

“Is the army ready? Well, we are educating ourselves, and we are trying to get ready,” Milley said in an interview with The Associated Press. “We’re well-past the issue of debating and arguing about transgender. We are now into execution, to make sure the program is carried out with diligence, dignity, respect.”

Dignity and respect, eh?

Do tell.

So the US military is now of a mind that the Christian worldview is inherently anti-dignity and anti-respect.

Anti-kittens, anti-rainbows, and anti-love, too, I’m sure.

That’s how anti-Christ perspectives roll: They tar the Christian worldview (and the God whose Nature it reflects) as mean and evil.

They make good evil and evil good.

At least they try to anyway.

[insert “U! S! A!” chant here]

Well, every secular empire dies in their own special way: the Soviet Army in one way, and the U.S. Army in another. Such-and-such an evil brings a particular curse, a particular blindness, a particular form of rot.


That’s the name of the game, isn’t it?

The US Army is committed to progress.

Explicitly anti-Christian progress, of course.

The US Army is at war.

With God.

And His people.

Openly, proudly, and systematically so on all fronts, which can only mean one thing: Barring mass repentance, the America Empire is about to die and the Kingdom of God is about to advance over its cold, dead and unrepentant-to-the-end body.

That’s how these fights always end in God’s cosmos.

That’s how they always unfold in His creations of time and history.

So take heart, Christian.

Either way – whether through the beauty of a repentant and restored America being spared judgment and finding life again in loving, willful subjugation to Christ as King, or by way of King Jesus breaking yet another in a long line of unrepentant, proud, God-hating cultures to pieces under the weight of His unbreakable Law, His people always win and His Kingdom always advances…all by His grace and all for His glory.

All empires die.

But God’s Kingdom endures forever.

The Beauty Of Snowflakes In Hell

An excerpt:

To watch these reactions from gangs of thoughtless, emotion-driven drones who, just hours earlier, had been pompously proposing that Trump, “when he loses”, would probably not take it well and might even contest or deny the results of the election – to watch those people react as they have here in the real world after Hillary lost has been nothing short of spectacular, hysterical, and awesome in general.

But there’s something much more important and valuable to touch on here than just the knee-slapping, laugh-’til-you-cry reaction that any sane, rational person might have to the prancing, pouting parade of melting Snowflakes enduring the hell of a Trump win.

One valuable bit is this: If this is what we’re up against – if this sort of hapless, clueless, emotion-driven drone thing (on both the pagan political Right and the pagan political Left) has become the norm (and it has) for those advocating (and depending upon) the American System of State-managed religion (State-Supervised Polytheism), education, economics, perpetual welfare, perpetual warfare, “gay marriage”, “legal” child sacrifice, and every other overtly anti-Christian thing America has come to stand for – then we, God’s people chosen to expand His Kingdom here and now on the portion of His earth presently known as America, are in very, very good shape.

I mean, just look at them, these products and slaves of a System of systems pathetically attempting to rebel and make war with God.

Look. At. Them.

They’re ridiculous.

They’re weaker than weak.

They’re lamer than lame.

And their precious little bubble world is popping around them, which makes them terribly, terribly weepy. And pouty. And sad; very, very sad.

So it’s not like we’re exactly facing the hordes of orcs that Frodo & Company had to deal with. We’re not up against a well oiled machine composed of hardened, serious, sober-minded tacticians skilled in the art of warfare of any meaningful kind.


We’re mainly facing the wrath of a bunch of infantile girly-men (and male-ish girls) who are big on pride, bigger on arrogance, and very, very light on substance, strength, intelligence, and wisdom.

If ever there was another good reason not to be afraid of our enemies as Christians, then these hordes of crying, collapsing Precious Little Snowflakes melting down all around us ought to fit the bill.

So, in this context, I think it’s both fair and encouraging to note that there really is a certain beauty to Snowflakes in Hell.

Now let’s hope, pray, and work toward God’s use of us this situation to save these Snowflakes and expand the Kingdom.

Let’s tear down every idol and pillage every safe space.

Rome wasn’t conquered in a day.

America won’t be either.

But with Precious Snowflakes like these standing in our way, something tells me that victory can come much more quickly than we’ve allowed ourselves to believe possible.

So don’t fear the Snowflakes.

Fear the Lord…and win.

This is the truth, but it’s important not to get comfortable, complacent, and sanctimonious.

As the author himself states, there is A LOT of work to do, before the Kingdom of God again expands at the rate it’s supposed to.

But we definitely have the ability to get things going – the opposition really is composed of pouty, isolated, fragile, short-sighted children.


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