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Thomas Sowell, Retiree at 86

Gary North recently wrote a brief article, commemorating the greatest living economist. Coming from North, that is high praise indeed!

I am greatly lacking for time, so I will not be able to plow though Sowell’s work, looking for gems, insights, bon mots, and hard truths to reflect on. But if you are, you can buy his numerous books with titles such as

  • Basic Economics
  • Wealth, Poverty and Economics
  • Black Rednecks and White Liberals
  • A Conflict of Visions: Ideological Origins of Political Struggles
  • The Vision of the Anointed: Self-Congratulation as a Basis for Social Policy
  • The Quest for Cosmic Justice
  • Intellectuals and Race
  • Dismantling America: and other controversial essays
  • The Einstein Syndrome: Bright Children Who Talk Late
  • Ethnic America: A History
  • Applied Economics: Thinking Beyond Stage One
  • Knowledge And Decisions

as well as go through his articles on

My farewell column

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America has been fooled by ‘diversity’ fraud

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Will GOP put bipartisanship above Constitution?

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Leftists pay no price when they’re wrong

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The case of the missing black punters

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Backward-looking ‘progressives’

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Another smackdown of smug elite

Monday, November 14th, 2016 by Thomas Sowell — The good news is that we dodged a bullet in this election. The bad news is that we don’t know how many other bullets are coming, or from more…

It could be well worth the while of the careful researcher: “Time + Work + Goal = Results.”

Christianity will not triumph in America (or the world) until God’s people start to think and read, write and build.

Sending money to Republicans does not cut it.

Tithing to the local church brings blessings, but that merely makes you richer. There are plenty of rich liberals as well as rich conservatives, rich atheists and rich Christians: but it is the rich liberals and the rich atheists who are respected and influential, while rich conservatives and rich Christians are contemptuously ignored and completely irreverent in today’s world.

Tithes are Necessary, Money is Necessary, but this is Not Enough. There must be work, there must be self-discipline, there must be a long-term, multi-generational commitment to victory.

Let the Jews – who work and build, make money and write books – serve as an inspiration. Learn from the best, and do better.

Why should Jesus Christ have to settle for anything less?

Yes, the race-focused people will claim that no one will ever beat the Jews, because of their superior blood lines when it comes to IQ and money-making.

I don’t believe it for a minute: prosperity, influence, success, and even eternal life comes from obeying God, not some Darwinian/atheistic fixation on DNA patterns!

We all know that the Asians are cleaning out the Jews in the top-tier universities. And, as Jews forget the Commandments and grow incapable of doing the capitalist thing, I am confident that Christians — if they are motivated, and if they want to win — can also out-compete them in the capitalist side of things, too!

The Nazi failures swear that we can’t possibly stand on our own two feet, competing on a level playing field, without some kind of Leader to lead us to total defeat victory. The pre-mills and amillennialists swear that we can only lose no matter what happens in the world, so we can only run and cry and weep and suffer.

I disagree.

More importantly, Jesus Christ disagrees: Satan’s head lies crushed underneath His heel, so why are we fleeing in fear from a dead snake?

Forget genetics. Turn to the Law, and win!



American Indian Tribes; Testosterone

From The Spreading Epidemic of Tribalism in America

“Officials in a small Montana town say they will have to disincorporate the community or declare bankruptcy over an ongoing dispute with the Blackfeet Tribe about water and utility service…lawsuits filed by the Blackfeet Tribe, Two Medicine Water Company and certain tribal members have had the same goal: to eliminate the Town of Browning by bleeding it financially dry, officials reported.” —Missoulian, Dec. 25, 2015

A similar fate once threatened the Village of Hobart, Wisconsin, and now threatens Shawnee, Oklahoma and many other communities . So what is the problem with removing municipal government for tribal government jurisdiction? Tribal governments do not allow non-tribal residents any voice in their government, and have no duty to protect or serve them. Tribes just want to tax, govern or chase non-Indians away. Rightful government of American citizens on Indian reservations is gone when states, counties and towns spinelessly give up.

The Obama Administration has determined that integrating domestic tribalism (Native American Tribal governments) with Middle Eastern tribalism is good “economic development” for America’s Indian tribes. This chilling concoction and merging of tribalism bodes serious peril for America as discussed below, following a little background.

Serious and enormous escalation of tribal governance over non-tribal persons, businesses and properties is resulting in the removal of State authority and responsibility for its citizens. Citizens are losing their government when they succumb to bullying, name-calling, frivolous litigation, appeasement, and acquiescence to every tribal demand. The price is the loss of government that serves and protects you – the United States and State Constitutions.

Elaine WIllman may disagree, but I see this as part of the inevitable disintegration of the Liberal, pointedly secularistic American Empire. Nothing lasts forever except the Kingdom of God… and the US Government isn’t the Kingdom.

Domestic tribalism and Middle Eastern tribalism have shared cultural norms (communalism) and a common adversary: the United States. The White House views big Middle Eastern money (Turkey, Saudi Arabia, etc.) tucked away on private Indian tribal “trust” lands as good for Indians and America. Tribal trust land is off-limits to all state and local government eyes. We should be extremely concerned. For the doubtful, visit the website to see how significantly America’s Indian tribes are being tracked and engaged. Just enter the search word “tribe.”

We will now have wealthy little Sharia compounds on Indian reservations to add to the 190 cities designated to receive Syrian refugees. Obama is polka-dotting the entire country with Sharia enclaves to enrich Indian tribes and reflect our generous heart for immigrants. Our blind, deaf and dormant Congress has held its nose and endorsed all of this.

If anything, the legal sovereignty of the American Indian tribes should be a goal for every county and town in the nation (and the world). Forget looking up to the Lying Masters in Washington to solve your problems: it’s time to deal with your neighbours, face to face.

But if you happen to live close to a American Indian Tribe, I suggest that you put in the effort to bring them into the Christian fold. Yes: that move, done successfully, will mean a complete overhaul of said Indian tribe, and the destruction of their dependency culture (which means they will not be so easily managed by the Great White Father.) And yes, Rushdoony himself had his difficulties in this missionary work, as his book The American Indian illustrates.

However: if Christendom does not grow, it must shrink… a truth any secularist (and Muslim) would laughingly approve of. If you don’t take action, others will.

From How to Increase Testosterone Naturally: Why You Don’t Need Steroids

Why are Men Losing Testosterone?

While it may appear clear on how to increase testosterone, there is much speculation at the moment as to the exact reasons why men have lower testosterone levels. It seems fairly clear that it is a combination of xenoestrogens (chemical agriculture, cologne, plastic water bottles, face and body washes, creams) environmental pollutants, medications, sedentary lifestyle and a low-fat, high grain/sugar diet that is contributing to this problem.

In a study highlighted in Scientific American, exposure to dioxin and BPA in a pregnant female rat lead to low testosterone levels in four generations of mice. When we look at study from Brazil – who have also embraced genetically modified crops and therefore heavy pesticide and herbicide use – we find that these chemicals lower testosterone and increase estrogen. Chemical agriculture was introduced in the early 1900’s, and use has been compounding since then along with our disease rates. GMO’s have pushed this amount even further despite promises that it would require less chemicals. Instead, nature created super weeds.

Another study found that that high spikes in blood sugar was enough to drop testosterone levels by as much as 25% in a random grouping of healthy, prediabetic, and diabetic men. Here we find the fallacy of loading up on refined grain carbohydrates and sugary sports drinks; these are making you weaker not stronger. Oxidative stress from exercise, fluoridated water and pollutants also tax testosterone, making dietary antioxidants and adaptogens very important.


Eat More Fat, Get More Testosterone

A study published in the International Journal of Sports Medicine revealed that strength athletes who consumed the most fat also had the highest testosterone levels, however, excessive protein also compromised the anabolic response. A study from the Journal of Clinical Endocrinology & Metabolism reported that a low-fat, high-fiber diet reduced testosterone levels in middle-aged men. Men whose testosterone levels were slightly above average were 45% less likely to have high blood pressure, 72% less likely to have experienced a heart attack and 75% less likely to be obese than men whose levels were slightly below average. The optimal level appears to in the 550-900 ng/dl range to reduce risk according to the American College of Cardiology.


Drink More Alcohol, Get Less Strength  

One small study titled Acute alcohol consumption aggravates the decline of muscle performance following strenuous eccentric exercise, had healthy males engage in strength training, then post-workout consume alcohol or orange juice. Measurements were made with isometric, concentric and eccentric force measurements before, 36 hours and 60 hours after 300 concentric contractions of quadriceps with alcohol or orange juice. While alcohol didn’t effect soreness, it did impact muscle strength by as much as 40 percent.

Drink More Beer And Alcohol, Get Less Testosterone

Hops in beer is estrogenic, and drinking too much alcohol can cause testosterone to convert to estrogen (remember this the next time your buddy is giving a lot of hugs and telling everyone he loves them). According to the book Sacred and Herbal Healing Beers, before the use of hops in beer, gruit ale was the beer staple made primarily with sweet gale, bog myrtle and yarrow. These herbs were mildly narcotic and some were considered aphrodisiacs, and due to these qualities, it was under extreme interrogation by the Protestant church. Unhappy with partying habits of the Catholics, the Protestants played a role in the banning of certain herbs and replacing them with hops. Why? Hops cause drowsiness and a diminished sex drive. They knew this before we understood what estrogenic meant. Party’s over.

How To Increase Testosterone Naturally

The level that appears to be the most beneficial is between 550-900 ng/dl, aiming for the higher end. You can use to track your fat, protein and carbohydrate ratios for free. I tracked mine, and consistently hit approximately 55% fat, 20% protein and 25% carbohydrates daily.

So, why this long article on testosterone?

If Christian men are going to restore Christian dominance and victory over her many insipid but numerous enemies, they are going to have to both strengthen and discipline their manhood. That means keeping yourself in good shape… which includes your testosterone levels.

Aggression and the willingness to fight for what is right is something that is deeply hated by our Loving Lying Masters, who prefer their sheep gelded, broken, and easily led.

There is no time for this corruption in a Christian society… the only society worth building.

Protect yourself and your sons from those who despise God… and so, as surely as night follows day, despise you too.

Future Christians

I was working on the Traveller post Justice on the Frontier, when I was struck with an amusing realization: I’m confident that the cyborgs and genetic constructs of the future will be worshiping the God-Man, Jesus Christ. For one thing, atheistic cultures have a hard time with reproduction, personal responsibility, self-discipline, living communities, or an expansive vision of the future.

The Race, The State, The Party, The Leader, The People… these idols just don’t make the cut, long-term.

Oh well.

Merry Christmas…. now, and thousands of years in the future.


(A.k.a, long after the Tolerant Ones have been forgotten dust.)

Racial Reparations: The Biblical Case

I am amazed and impressed that the men at American Vision is willing to take the case for Black Reparations seriously.

I personally would not have considered reparations a viable option, as I consider the death of 1/4 of the white manhood of the South and the rise of the centralized (aka liberty-denying) Federal State sufficient payment, as well as ~1 Trillion dollars spent on the welfare state. But I am willing to consider the issue again, as:

  1. Quite a lot of laws – from Nixon’s drug laws to the minimum wage rules – exist primarily to keep black men down. (Odd, that most white drug users are not imprisoned, but black dealers are…)
  2. The welfare state does not exist to provide justice and formal payment for various American political promised broken and justice denied, but merely to buy submission. You know, exactly like the Bureau of Indian Affairs does to keep the American Indian pacified and dependent.

More than reparations, though, I would prefer to have sovereignty brought to the county level, with black-dominant counties as free as white ones (or mixed ones), to govern themselves as they please (American Indian counties would be free as well, as well as the Mormon and other non-Christian counties).

I personally don’t believe that there is any possible circumstance where White Americans will pay cash to Black Americans: but freedom, sovereignty and liberty (along with some form of free trade & movement of goods/people/information treaty) would go a long way to making right what was set wrong.

None of this is going to happen anyways, at least not in a well thought out, reasoned, and publicly debated manner.

Instead, we are all going to go on the fantasy-island road already set for us, until the money runs out, the Great Default occurs and the Washington government delegitimized. Then, the various shrinking White populations will band together in various regions where they retain a majority population base, and leave the rest of the country to fend for itself.

(I don’t think that there will be any unity among Whites, by the way: Washington State is not Kentucky is not Vermont is not Montana. And the Whites of California and Texas are going to be really good in Spanish, regardless of their complexion…)

The liberal coastal cities will be mainly fighting for their own survival after the future Detroit (and Chicago… and Californian… and National…) bankruptcies: their populations aren’t going to like the end of the welfare state, but they will adjust. Probably by White flight (in many, but certainly not all, instances), fragmentation, and abandonment.

So, the same result, but more chaotic, quite possibly with unneeded bloodshed, and certainly less law-abiding and predictable. There won’t be a national culture then, and probably not even a mainstream media. “But the fat lady hasn’t sung, until the New York banks are busted or shattered.”

From the article:

The blacks never got their forty acres and a mule; they got segregated while whites continued living off the profits that had come from slave labor. These conditions were passed down through generations. Blacks deserve something.

Promises broken, once again.

Then again, the United States is absolutely grounded on a single concept: broken treaties, over and over and over again.

The Russians got off lightly after the end of the Cold War, when American promises not to expand NATO was laughed off as quickly as was possible. Or perhaps, this is a hint that justice is drawing closer to the US, when the old smooth lies lose their effectiveness.

It was not simply enough that “the slaves were freed” after the Civil War. They were victims of a horrendous crime. They were entitled to restitution, and they were promised restitution. Instead, they got continued racism and segregation. This was not just a Southern problem by the way. Throughout the United States at the time, the prevailing desire by far among white emancipationists was to free the slaves and ship them back to Africa; many Northern “emancipationists” did not support ending slavery unless doing so also entailed deportation. Living together in social equality was considered impossible by most, shockingly horrible to many. The view of social inequality of most whites, North and South, entailed a tremendous amount of oppression in regard to available work for blacks, living conditions, working conditions, terrible rackets of exploitation, loan sharking, and much more. During Reconstruction, several prominent Southern cities created police departments for the first time specifically to use vague and flexibly-interpreted statutes to target blacks, incarcerate them (get them “off the streets”), and then use the prison force for state labor projects. In these cases, it was enslavement all over again.

From Reconstruction all the way up until the Civil Rights era, “freed” blacks were subjected to a variety of segregation laws, not to mention extralegal action and violence, that all had the effect of the routinization of exploitation, oppression, degradation, and the perpetual denial of a particular, clear justice that was both due and promised.

There is no biblical argument against that. You could make all kinds of arguments that amount to an appeal to some kind of statute of limitations; but this is not a statute of limitations issue. God has no statute of limitations for social sin and injustice. This is precisely the type of injustice for which God stores up his wrath over four generations (Canaanites) or four hundred years (Israel). This is the kind of issue for which candlesticks get removed and nations stricken down Deuteronomy 28-style.

I believe that Joel McDurmon is correct here.

We haven’t even got to the aborted babies, or the disintegration of marriage: we are merely dealing with old sins, which have not been properly resolved.

My suspicion: the real pain kicks in after around 2040, when the welfare state is over and done, and the US and Europe disintegrate/decentralize, a process that will be resisted to the full by the elites, and so will be much more painful and costly than necessary. These nations won’t be the only ones to suffer, but they will be the most famous of the secular, anti-Christ kingdoms to go down by AD 2100.

(And if the Saudis, the Turks, the Egyptians, the Chinese, or the Indians think that they are going to pick up the pieces of the dying New World Order… they can think again!)

(Yes, by 2040, the European Union will have been long gone: but the disintegration will have merely continued, with the coming breakup of Spain and Italy at least, and the probable later collapse of the UK, France and Germany (and, quite likely, even Russia.))

And incidentally, the Civil Rights era didn’t mark the end of Black oppression: just look at the destruction of Black Wealth (such as it was) in the last recession, especially their home-based wealth. The coming recession will finish off the finances of Black America…

… which merely means that it’s time to complete the destruction of White America financially: first the wealthy (who will suffer the stock and bond collapses the most), and then the middle/working classes (with the end of Social Security/Medicare).

The greatest problem for reparations now is, in fact, practical. It is that, after such great passage in time, how in the world we would account for who all gets paid, how much, for how long, and who has to pay it. At this point, I am less averse to having it paid from the general fund (assuming it would be cut from other areas of the budget, many of which are waste and idiocy anyway), even though this would seem to be the very type of socialism I myself decry. I think, however, that is not socialism per se, but a matter of justice delayed and yet due, and should have been exacted from the public wealth of the South to begin with. I would be happy to see other parts of actual socialistic bureaucracies denuded of budget to make restitution where it is due, could it actually be calculated and all the logistical and individual issues sorted out. This thinking of mine is purely conceptual and heuristic at this point.

Phased that way, even I would cheerfully accept the destruction of substantial amounts of the US bureaucracy (and the defunding of the military of the American Empire) to pay for Black reparations.

First, restitution is a biblical law issue, and justice denied is God’s wrath stored up. This will not go away, ever. It will be resolved, eventually, through godly social reform, or God’s judgment.

I’m betting on judgement, myself.

Just as Europe will be in agony (but will still refuse to repent of a single sin), so will America be in agony as well (an unrepentant America, of course).

I am pleased to see Christian Reconstructionists push forward with God’s Law-Word, though. There will be a place for them, in God’s future — a future that will be established on this world, in history, with the foundation increasingly composed of the shattered bones of His enemies.

People think that God is kidding. He is not.

He really is going to disinherit His foes, White as well as Black. (But Whites more harshly, as more was given to them.)

In a few centuries, after the devastating Sunni/Shiite Wars and the collapse of Egypt, Turkey, Iran and Saudi Arabia, there will be millions of Arab men singing the praises of Christ upon the Throne… and if the atheistic Europeans choose to abort themselves from that future, well, no one is going to worry about that too much.

God wins. Satan loses. And that’s that.

So, I look at this as we should any judicial issue: consider the law and the facts. We need an accurate account of the biblical law and the facts of history. I think we are very close on the law aspect already. We need an uncompromising account of the history that makes clear to people that the tyrannies we live under now are direct extensions of several aspects imposed on the nation because of the racism inherent in the civil war, Reconstruction, and segregation, etc. These policies are both North and South, Federalist and Confederate, liberal and conservative—such that both sides of the war and its consequences have done what the title of one very decent book sums up admirably: Emancipating Slaves, Enslaving Free Men. If I can successfully show this history, and how racism lies at its root, I believe Christians may be able to wake up to the types of criminal justice reform, and other reforms, that are needed badly today. For, it is needed for all of us, not just blacks, but the tragedies of black history and healing the unique history of their suffering lie at the heart of it. So much to say in this regard. If people will in fact not wake up, I will have at least done my part; and it is good and right to do.

This leads to my second reason. This, by far, is the saddest lament of my heart in all of this. The people who should have been at the forefront of this healing—long before it ever even began—were in fact the most disappointing failures. This was the ministers and the pulpits. When they should have stopped the racism at the outset, they exacerbated it. When they should have reformed slavery drastically—when their pulpits should have thundered with the truth and with threats of excommunication for abuses—they instead most often thundered with defenses of the peculiar institution.

Preachers – the most powerful and respected ones, anyways – seem to routinely betray Christ.

  • The first to support Darwin…
  • The creators of Higher Criticism…
  • The major impulse of Socialism…
  • The shock troops of Communism…
  • The prime backers of Liberalism…

I personally think that God is done with the unbiblical nonsense of the seminary, and the clergy of the future aren’t going anywhere near the denominations, happy and cozy in their Christian ghettos.

Leading and prominent theologians, even for the longest time in the North, continued to support the system even if by only justifying the racism at the heart of it. It was as if the Imago Dei didn’t even exist, even when it was acknowledged. Of course, the Southern churches are more blameworthy as they continued in upholding slavery and racism much longer that the Northern, but they are both blameworthy for not opposing it when they had the chance, and not standing up to the landed and moneyed interests in their churches and societies—at a time when the pulpit actually had much sway in society.

God wearied of these men who despised them, so He took away their sway and authority.

And no, they learnt nothing from the punishment. Remind me again how many politicians and wealthy men were excommunicated for supporting abortions.

OK, how about ordinary members?

Um… reprimanding casual visitors?

The ones that didn’t openly publish defenses of the system, nevertheless exonerated themselves through two-kingdoms type theology so they could turn a blind eye the “civil” aspects. As I am always intensely interested in addressing this pernicious and deadly doctrine, I most keenly wish to hold up this example of it as a mirror for modern proponents, and for modern Christians to see the awful results to which it can lead, and lead easily. On the reverse side of this, for those critics in all backgrounds—evangelical, secular, etc.—who say it was the South’s adherence to Old Testament forms that allowed slavery to continue, I aim to show that not only was this in no way the case, it is just the opposite. Had the applicable Old Testament laws been followed properly, American slavery would never have become what it did—it could not have.

This is the correct way to approach the issue: Obedience to the Law means Liberty for all God-fearing men, regardless of their skin colour. “One Law for All!”

But for want of that biblical view of race, social relations, and slavery, etc., and for want of the pulpit doing its job, the slack was picked up by radicals, atheists, Marxists, and leftists of all sorts. The left stepped in and pretended to care about race; and they really do care about race because they can exploit the issue for their own agenda of radical equality and totalitarianism. So, the church’s abject failure has become a mighty victory for the left on an issue that has enduring relevance for generations to come. We spend our time now fighting the leftists and neglecting a thorough, biblical answer to the race problems—because “that’s what leftists talk about.”

Don’t let the enemy – or the fear of the enemy – set the agenda.

Dabney spent virtually the remainder of his life railing against the radical egalitarians and liberals of all sorts. You can read much of what he wrote and agree with him still today. But he failed to address the core issues of race and slavery in a biblical way—and that was what mattered most.

Failure to keep the Law in one part, means failure in all.

Conservatives today still follow the legacy of Dabney: they see that the leftists took the side of the blacks. They see the leftism, and they rail against the leftism. Any time race comes up, they dismiss its arguments because they’re dismissing the leftism. But there’s more to it. What you say about the leftists may be right, but you’re missing what matters most.

And as long as you do, you will not do anything but perpetuate the judgment that which is to come, and is upon us already.

You have to see things God’s way, and not from your personal or tribal or national self-interest.

The other sad aspect of this failure today is that when conservative ministers or groups do want to engage in healing race relations, they don’t develop a biblical case for it. They can find no conservative legacy of fighting for race, no body of biblical thought, and no development of conservative biblical social theory, because that would mean jettisoning the radical two kingdoms stuff, and looking to biblical law. So, such groups and Ethics Commissions have nothing to say except to default to talking points already developed by the secularists and leftists. This is not healing race relations; this is capitulation to leftist rhetoric.

Why let the Satanists set the agenda? To avoid paying the price the Bible demands?

I say we should instead start planning a comprehensive, conservative biblical program of healing race relations, not even shying from considering reparations on the table. It will involve many issues, like criminal justice reform, what repentance in this area looks like, how, in fact, the issue actually gets resolved so that it is resolved, etc. These are huge and divisive questions. But I am almost convinced that if conservative organizations did this, they would not be “becoming leftists” or like the left at all. They would, in fact, find that their fiercest opponents would be leftists—because if it were ever actually resolved and the races healed, it would denude corrupt politicians and activists, and all leftists, of a pet issue they perennially exploit and never intend fully to resolve, and for which conservatives keep falling.

There is no possibility that the Left will resolve any issue… at least until the Leader and the Party are in charge.

Which is when all issues are instantly resolved… and anyone saying otherwise will get a bullet in the back of the head.

So, these are the reasons I am doing this. It is a biblical law issue; God will judge us; addressing it will further Reform and perfect God’s church; many, many, people will be restored, and many will see a great light; and this is intimately connected to many other areas of needed social reforms. It is a huge issue. And that is just the type of issue God calls His people to address.

It’s time to do the hard work, for a true and enduring victory.

Living Creeds, Dying Jihad

From Gary North’s North – Millennialism and Social Theory.

Page 27

Ask Christians if there has been progress in revising the creeds, and they will say yes, unless they are either Greek Orthodox, who deny the legitimacy of post-medieval creeds, or members of some Anabaptist sect that denies the legitimacy of creeds altogether. But most Christians assume that creedal improvement affects only the institutional Church, not society at large. Creedal progress is not seen even as an aspect of social progress, let alone a contributing cause. This presumes a fundamental relationship in history: the social irrelevance of the historic Christian creeds. It presumes that there is no continuity between the Church’s creeds and civilization. Yet it is this which must be proven first, not presumed. It is Christian Reconstruction’s contention that there can be no civilization without a creed. Creeds are therefore inescapable concepts. It is never a question of “creed vs. no creed.” It is always this question: “Which creed?”

Creeds have consequences. Christian creeds include certain presuppositions about law, judicial cause and effect, and time. These views may be more implicit than explicit, but they exist.

Jesus explicitly taught that we are the salt of the earth.

Jesus said that we, as the Body of Christ, hold the keys to heaven and hell.

The Apostle Paul insisted that it is the saints that judge the world.

So, why all this crawling and whimpering and bleating, about how powerless the Church is?

A pack of lies. Cowardly, insipid lies.

No, it isn’t the supposedly almighty, actually pathetic Establishment with the money and the guns and the universities and the media mouthpieces that has the power.

WE represent God. WE dictate what does, and does not, happen in this world.

The greatest favour Trump – and, in truth, the Brexit people – did for the world is demonstrate just how powerless the Media Blowhards and the Mouths of Expertise are… once you rightfully dismiss them as the bought-and-paid-for propaganda agents they always were.

…and since WE dictate what does and does not happen, it naturally follows that the revolting sea of filth and failure we are drowning in is a direct, linear result of OUR actions. (And, our lack of action.)

If you throw in the the licky-boot choices of our leadership for the last few hundred years or so…

  • possibly since 1660, with the restoration of the monarchy – tied directly to the power-lusting, corrupt behaviour of the oh-so-pious Covenanters;
  • or maybe 1783, with the secularist Constitution con-job being rubber-stamped by John Witherspoon;
  • but my hands-down favourite (so far) remains the rise of Darwin in the 1850s: NOT because the scientific establishment backed him, but because the supposedly Christian clergy absolutely loved him.

…it’s obvious that we are being ground into the dirt because of our own failures in obedience and righteousness and faithlessness, coupled with the failures our so-eager-to-compromise Noble Ancestors.

Every time a secularist spits in your face – with your tax money, by the way – God  clearly shows what the rightful wages of our insipid ancestors are.

If we want something different for ourselves and our children, we had better start repenting, and walking along a different path.

First, comes the Delegitimization of Our Masters. That’s going on quite nicely today, and will only accelerate. By 2025 or so, there won’t be a Mainstream anything: by 2035, the Great Default will have destroyed the welfare state, gutting the foundations of the power of the government today.

Second, comes the need to build a Freedom-based Alternative. This kind of thing comes only from sustained labour, year after year, decade after decade: there is no real short-cut possible. It took sustained effort to destroy Western Christendom and replace it with the Tolerance Committees: it will take the same effort to destroy the Committees, and Reconstruct Christendom in America and around the world.

(If I were a betting man, I’d say the last place for it to rise up will be Western Europe. Yes, I believe that Christendom will be a reality in Egypt and Arabia before any Frenchman or Englishman will tolerate it in his country.

Why? Because without the oil money  (which will come to an end, sooner or later) Islam has nothing going for it. Except – and this is a big exception – they refuse point-blank to tear apart their children in the womb. This means that they will exist in the future (unlike Western Europeans), but it’s a miserable and ugly existence…

…until they know that there is an alternative that not only lets their children live, but live in peace and prosperity.

I personally don’t believe that Islam as a whole will repent, until the oil money prosperity is gone. But when it’s gone… and a good generation of bloody and money has been poured down the rat-hole of the Endless Jihad… then the door will be open)

For the details both glorious and gory regarding the Glorious Revolution, see Otto Scott’s The Great Christian Revolution: How Christianity Transformed the World and Geoffrey Robertson’s The Tyrannicide Brief: the Men who Sent Charles I to the Scaffold.

A quote from the latter:

By the terms of their [1648] treaty [with Charles I], the Scots agreed ‘to hazard our lives and fortunes’ by invading England to restore Charles ‘to his government, to the just rights of the Crown and his full revenues’ in return for his undertaking to confirm the solemn League and Covenant (subject to an accommodation with the Church of England and its bishops) and to suppress ‘the opinions and practises of Anti-Trinitarians, Anabaptists, Antinomians, Arminians, Familists, Brownists, Separatists, Independents, Libertines and Seekers’ and, generally, ‘all blasphemies, heresy, schism and all such scandalous doctrines and practises as are contrary to the light of nature or to the known principles of Christianity.’ In other words, the Scots ‘engaged’ to fight for the King, to restore his prerogative rights to control the army, select ministers, appoint bishops, bestow honours and to maintain a ‘negative voice'(the royal veto over any parliamentary legislation), in return merely for Charles’s promise to advance the Covenant and to suppress some minor sects whose behaviour outraged their Calvinist sensibilities.

Right-wing Christians and their eagerness to grovel before wealthy and powerful men, all in return for trinkets and dog-biscuits.

Correction: “…for some promises of trinkets and dog-biscuits.”

It’s too late for the Covenanters, sadly: I have it on good authority that, 400 years later, they have forgotten nothing and learnt nothing.

Christians who intend to actually gain the victory over Satan had best learn from their Profile in Failure, as surely as we should learn from the Endless Jihad the flaws we should avoid as we build our own society on the busted ruins of this one.

It isn’t ‘Post-Christian America’.
It’s ‘Post-America Christianity’.

That needs to be our focus.

Raptures and Slave-Masters

From Gary North’s North – Millennialism and Social Theory. Pages 134-136.

First, the necessary groundwork. Second, the punch to the face.

The Groundwork

We do not see God’s positive historical discontinuities apart from His negative discontinuities against those being displaced. Nevertheless, the program of the Church is peaceful positive displacement, soul by soul. God wins, Satan loses: soul by soul. Who brings the necessary negative corporate sanctions? God does, not through the Church but through such means as pestilence, plague, and war. The Church is supposed to pray for God’s negative discontinuities in history against entrenched corporate evil. This is why God gave us His imprecatory psalms to sing and pray publicly in the Church (e.g., Psalm 83).

The Church is to publicly damn the wicked, and curse evil societies – you know, like the society you are living in right now.

Evil cultures and evil men are to rot and wither, become impoverished and die, and so make way for God’s men to flourish and grow, become enriched and inherit the world.

(Note: I will put “inherit the world” at a minimum, being insistent that Christ rules the heavens… and highly confident (though not certain) that He will bring life to those dead worlds, with His people as His life-bearing agents.)

The vast majority of churches refuse to do this: therefore, they will be smashed and humiliated by God (as you well know, just by looking around you) before He deals with His explicit, public enemies.

God is impartial and just, and so will clean out His own house first.

Here is the biblical program for cultural transformation. First, the Church is to bring continuous positive sanctions into a covenant-breaking culture: preaching, the sacraments, charity, and the disciplining of its members (a negative sanction by the Church, but positive for society: it keeps other Christians more honest). Second, the Holy Spirit must also bring positive discontinuities into individual lives: conversion. This is at His discretion, not ours. Third, a sovereign God in heaven must bring His discontinuous, corporate, negative sanctions against covenant- breakers in history. Notice, above all, that it is God who brings negative corporate sanctions in society, not the Church. The Church is an exclusively positive agent in society. I stress this because of the continuing misrepresentation of our position on social change by critics, both Christian and pagan. While these misrepresentations will continue, the reader has now been provided with an immunization shot.

North wisely wastes no times on the committed enemies of God — “You can tell they hate God because of their eagerness to lie about Him,” as I would put it — but is willing to spend time on honest men, willing to learn.

A good model to follow, if you get my drift.

And it bears repeating: It is God who primarily bears the sword in history, and the State, as His minister, who is empowered to use it in highly limited situations. The Church is not to use the sword.

(The Church has a far greater power: the ability to excommunicate people, and so damn them to hell… assuming confirmation by God that the Church is judging aright, and assuming that the apostate does not repent. And even this power is geared to the individual sinner, imprecatory prayer, not swords or guns or bombs, is the Church’s tool to judge societies.

Hmm… when was the last time you heard an imprecatory prayer from the pulpit? Is there any possible sin that could cause a modern preacher to say such Biblical things that would disgust Wealthy Establishment Men, and cut deeply into the tithes?

“By asking the question, you receive the answer.”)

Another implication is the denial of salvation by law.

Well, so much for Islam.

And Judaism.

And Buddhism.

And Marxism.


Men cannot work their way into heaven. There can be no valid program of personal salvation that is based on the continuity of fallen man’s labors. The Holy Spirit’s discontinuous intervention into history alone can save men’s souls. We are saved exclusively by grace. This means that personal regeneration is initiated from outside of history into history. This perspective is a denial of the messianic State and the social gospel movement. It is also a denial of liberation theology. There can be no positive, continuity-based, institutional program that guarantees God’s grant of salvation to fallen men. Special grace is discontinuous. Common grace, while continuous, is strictly a temporary grant of external healing to men and institutions. It is the equivalent of medical care in a hospice filled with terminal patients. It is a kindness unto death.

Yabbering Pagans don’t, can’t believe God does these things.

“How dare He punish those who despise His commandments? HOW DARE HE!”

If thine enemy be hungry, give him bread to eat; and if he be thirsty, give him water to drink: For thou shalt heap coals of fire upon his head, and the Lord shall reward thee. — Proverbs 25:21-22

Dearly beloved, avenge not yourselves, but rather give place unto wrath: for it is written, Vengeance is mine; I will repay, saith the Lord. Therefore if thine enemy hunger, feed him; if he thirst, give him drink: for in so doing thou shalt heap coals of fire on his head. Be not overcome of evil, but overcome evil with good. — Romans 12:19-21

Believing Christians know better, as they know Who owns the world, and Who lays down the Law.

The Punch to the Face

We have yet to see in history a case of the cultural displacement of covenant-breakers apart from the widespread imposition of God’s corporate negative sanctions. Christians refuse to recognize this. They seek continuity: the temporary cease-fire of pluralism. Covenant-breakers then use their civil authority to increase the persecution of Christians, who then conclude that Jesus is coming soon. The alliance continues: the power religion and the escape religion.

Upper-class Christians, by and large, will forever love pluralism and ‘neutral secular authorities’… as such compromise protect their paychecks.

Those third-rate academics that make up the Christian Brain Trust understand that it’s their secular colleagues who hold the whip hand… and are far more likely to dump any and all of God’s explicit commandments, rather than lose access to their rice bowl.

What is the nature of this alliance? The power religionists want to keep Christians gazing hopefully up at heaven, looking for their physical deliverance from beyond history, which the humanists regard as mythical but extremely useful for purposes of social control. The promotion of a similar “skyward” strategy of non-historical deliverance worked so well for the old South’s slave owners in their control of their Christian slaves that the humanists have mimicked it.

Pietistic, escapist religion is not fit for Dominion-oriented men.

It is a religion fit for crawling, gelded, impotent slaves, though.

(No insult intended to the black slaves of old, who at least can rightfully plead ignorance, illiteracy, and dependency.

What’s your excuse?

Why should you fears powerful men …and, until November 2017, a certain woman… far more than the wrath of God?

I will only point out that a lot of believers died in the desert, in Moses’ time.)

So have their targeted slaves. The leaders of modern Protestantism’s pietistic escape religion, like the black “trustees” of the old South’s plantation system, want to keep their subordinates firmly in place under their authority, not getting involved in areas of life unfamiliar to, or beyond the abilities of, those presently occupying the pulpits. They can use every invasion of liberty by the power religionists as proof of the imminent return of Christ. “Look up!” In the same way that sadists need masochists, and vice versa, so do humanists and pessimillennialists need and use each other.

If it were up to the vast majority of Christian Cultural Leaders, things would be… much the same as it is today. What is it to them if any notion of God and Christ, Law and Truth, Holiness and Sacrifice fades from reality and obedience to some nebulous spiritual powerless mystical blather?


They like things the way it is: the morons in the backwoods keep on donating, the money continues to flow into the Republican pockets (with no measurable results whatsoever), there is only defeat after defeat, year after year… and that dwindling band of pathetic cringing Christian losers are perfectly happy with their abject failure, as “it just means that Jesus is Coming Again Real Soon Now!”

That’s why billions spent on the Christian Right, over decades, has amounted to nothing at all.

(If Christians actually wanted to win, the very first thing they would do is get their kids out of the pointedly anti-Christian public schools.

They haven’t done this: ergo, they don’t really want to win.

Therefore, they will continue to lose, and lose, and lose…

…until the only Christians that are left are those who 1) value their children’s souls and intelligence and independence over conformity and free child care, 2) see the Ruling Class as self-serving, short-sighted failures as well as moral monsters, 3) have a workable, low-cost (and so long-term) plan to get back their freedom. These are the Christians who will win.)

A few quick North links before I go on:

This will do for a start, if you really want to put an end to the century-long string of laughable failures.

(Well, Satanic/Establishment laughter anyways.

God isn’t laughing at the willful folly of Western Christianity… I can tell you that much!

“Let’s have the Muslim migrants illustrate just how little humour God feels, when it comes to Christian insolence and contemptuous disobedience for the God they claim to worship.”)

And no, I don’t expect Trump to change much at all. Even if he was utterly dedicated to the Cause of Christ, the root of the problem is in the shriveled heart of the common, uncaring believer: even the very best of leaders can’t work with that kind of material!

And if Trump actually was a fascist (which he isn’t, by the way)? Let us once again consider just how quickly the Spanish Catholic Church crumbled into an irrelevancy, after Franco died.

Top-down isn’t how Christian societies live and thrive: it’s bottom-up. Not a centralizing leader, but a decentralized network of counties, families, business, churches and free citizens.