The Problem with Wikipedia

From Uncommon Descent

Larry Sanger, Co-founder of Wikipedia, Agrees That it Does not Follow its Own Neutrality Policy.

Larry Sanger is the co-founder of Wikipedia and the author of its “neutrality policy.”  Mr. Sanger posted an article today about media bias in which he alluded to the neutrality policy he drafted.

I replied (see the combox of the article):

“Wikipedia’s neutrality policy.” I’ve been reading Wikipedia articles for years, and from the evidence I would not have thought such a thing exists, or, if it does, the name is somewhat misleading, because the policy would read something like: “On all matters cultural and political, Wikipedia will endeavor to crush conservative viewpoints. Neutrality will not be tolerated.” Just read the post on, for example, intelligent design theory. It is written by the theory’s antagonists, and all efforts to correct the post to reflect the real theory, as opposed to the straw man caricature presented by its opponents, are ruthlessly suppressed.

In a response Mr. Sanger stated:

For the record, I agree with this. Wikipedia doesn’t live up to its policy and in fact deliberately misinterprets it on some issues. Although I founded Wikipedia, I’m also long gone from the organization and am now probably its biggest critic, so…

There you go folks.  We ain’t making it up.  The co-founder of Wiki agrees with us.

And a follow-up:

We’ve got lots of material on the problems with taking Wikipedia seriously here at UD:

How Wikipedia can turn fiction into fact (Sourced enough times, the fiction becomes “troo”)

Wikipedia: The world of heavily edited unfacts

Wikiedia as astroturf

Wikipedia’s declining stats

Wikipedia hacked by elite sources now (The main problem is that the people who use Wikipedia do not care whether it is false or true. “Wikipedia is my library” is the new diagnostic for irresponsible laziness.)


Mathematician complains Wikipedia is promoting “pseudo-science” of multiverse (Then there were the minor revelations that core articles “don’t earn even Wikipedia’s own middle-ranking quality scores” and that some “editors” are paid by outside sources.)

It is good to think someone who was once involved cares.

Eventually, Wikipedia will be caught in a public disgrace that will set it into laughingstock status.

Before Nov 9, I would have thought that such a disgrace would never happen. But now, having been clearly blindsided by both Brexit and Trump, I have to allow for the live possibility that the power of The Compassionate Ones will actually, really be broken.

Who knew?

It would be good for some enterprising, smart Christians to prepare for that day.

IF they can maintain a consistently superior level of scholarship, and

IF they are willing to make the intense commitment to win,

THEN they have a chance to inherit.

But that takes hard work, not cheerleading.


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