Dominionism From the Left

From Why Leftists should Shut Up about “Dominionism”

Here is a very clear and startling example of “dominionist” rhetoric. One politician, seeking office in this nation, spoke of his “dominionism” openly. Praising his platform, he said:

It’s the time—and it’s going to be soon—when nobody in this country is poor. . . .

It’s the time—and there’s no point in waiting—when every boy and girl in this country, every boy and girl that is born under that flag, has the right to all the education that he can absorb.

It’s going to be the time when every older man and woman has not just full social security, but it has meaning and it has purpose, and it has pleasure.

It’s going to be the time, as I said, when we have a job for everyone who is willing to work, and he is going to be paid a decent wage.

It’s the time when every false distinction—of what your race is, or your creed is, or your sex, or how you spell your name, or where your folks came from, or how you pray—it’s going to be a time when none of that makes any difference. . . .

It’s the time when man gains full dominion under God over his own destiny.

It’s the time of peace on earth and good will among men.

The place is here and the time is now.1

Read that clearly: this radical wants to rule the whole nation, impose social controls, direct everyone, and he calls for this in the name of “full dominion under God”—an obvious reference to Genesis 1:28.

What kind of theocratic nut-job would say something so far-out of the mainstream?

Lyndon B. Johnson.

Not Rick Perry, not Michelle Bachmann, not Santorum, not Bush—not a conservative of any stripe. It was the pride of the Left, the model of Obamacare and much else, LBJ. He was speaking of his “Great Society” in Pittsburgh just days before the 1964 election.

Now let the modern-day leftist journalists and white-paperers howl about how the “dominionist” LBJ forced his dangerous theocracy on us. Then, if “dominionism” must be undone, let us get down to the real important business of repealing all federal healthcare and welfare laws, for starters, and then education and the other pseudo-“rights” that master of tyranny weaseled us into. Let it start, and let it begin today.

Dominion Domination for me, and not for thee.

As usual, the Compassionate Ones scream and howl when their enemies use powerful language, and clap with approval when The Anointed does it.

It’s the difference between the Masters who have power, and the Deplorables who don’t.

“Certain people should Know Their Place.”

But for some reason, every time a conservative prays, quotes the Bible, or shakes the hand of a Jew, leftists froth at the mouth, wet themselves, and forget their own dominionist history for another four years.

Why the disparity? It’s because they hate competition. When they sense—wrongly—that some other group presents competition for their domination, they go crazy. DeMar was right about that, too.

OK, the bold in the following quote is mine:

Or perhaps, the leftists sense—rightly—that true dominion theologians don’t wish to rule the world like the leftists do, we want the reverse. We want greater freedom, decentralization, privatization, self-determination, local law and local law enforcement, less taxation; and an end to forced transfers of wealth, wage controls, debt-financed wars and welfare, and a billion other government strictures and regulations. We want freedom, free markets, and local government. And this is the greatest threat of all to these leftist dominionists. They fear most not merely the loss of political control, but a world in which such control is no longer possible.

This is the biggest threat of all. For a mere temporary loss of control, a mere replacement of partisan leadership, means that the top-down seats of power are still there for the taking again at some point in the future. This leaves leftists the opportunity for control. But in a Christian Reconstructionist world, power is decentralized, and there would no longer be a single central State agency (or three) which leftists could grab in order to control everyone! And this is the ultimate nightmare scenario for leftists, who above all things covet power.

For this reason, they must smear this thing called “dominion” in as far as it threatens their control of society. Despite the fact that they are the real dominionists as far as their own smearing of the term goes, and despite the fact that true Dominion Theology means much less government, they smear.

But the continuing stream of anti-dominion talk from these leftists exposes nothing but their own ignorance and hypocrisy. For these reasons, liberal pundits should either get it straight, or shut up about dominion.

They will never shut up… and they will never get it straight…

But – as the recent election proves – the voices of Official Compassion and Tolerance will be increasingly ignored


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