From Mob Violence to The Peace of Liberty

From American Vision, extracts from Socialism IS mob violence

Socialism is the political embodiment of plunder. It is the denial of the rule of law, private property, individual liberty, and therefore of Christianity. Worse yet, however, it is often the denial of the rule of law, property, and Christianity in the name of the rule of law, property, and Christianity.

This system of government-backed piracy unleashes at least two important aspects: the lust of the mob, and the police-power of the mob.

The lust of the mob manifests the depravity of man: rebellion against maturity, responsibility, and honesty.

This looks A LOT like our current Ruling Class.

The curse of the fall—the thorns and sweat—are, consciously or not, assumed to be overcome not through godly ethics, but through political policy. That is, through man’s legislative fiat, not God’s—man’s law-order, not God’s. This is one more attempt by fallen man at salvation by law. By passing laws limiting work hours, price controls, minimum wage rates, etc., the mob proclaims itself freer of the need to work, build, plan, save, sacrifice, etc. It decrees itself, by fiat, entitled to greater income, more leisure, greater power. This is fallen man’s futile proclamation that he is free, and free indeed. But it hides the fact that this alleged freedom must be imposed on others by force of government. It is not “free,” but “free at gunpoint.”

Who shall pay?

But eventually, someone has to pay the bills.

Surprise! Surprise!

So the rich get soaked, or the whole of society gets soaked through taxation, or the future generations get soaked as inflation robs them of the value of their money and savings, or a all of the above. Without incentives, people quit trying to achieve. They quit producing as much as they would in a free market; then general productivity declines; then national living standards decline; then the State prints and borrows to maintain its promises; then the debts start to get called. Someone has to pay those bills. You can’t just legislate them away indefinitely.

Eventually, someone, somewhere, must sacrifice, work hard, and produce. Eventually, those unnecessarily receiving an unnecessarily generous dole must take some cuts.

Today, such cuts are called, “austerity.” But austerity means backlash from the lustfully entitled mob. The conversation goes like this:

“We need cuts.”

“Yes we do.”

“Who will take the cuts?”

“Not me. You take the cut.”

“No, not me. You take the cut.”

Someone has to decide where and when cuts will come. But when suggestions are announced, people revolt.

Just wait till the Great Default kicks in

When they are pushed, the police-power of the mob comes into play. By “police power” here I do not mean the state’s official police. I simply mean the mob’s own power, mob violence. The mob riots, burns, shatters, breaks, murders. The message: “Not me. You take the cut.”

I would suggest that democracy – as opposed to republicanism – is innately socialistic.

At the end of the essay, McDurmon inscribes:

As I wrote in God versus Socialism:

Socialism is the belief . . . that stealing is acceptable as long as another man or group of men says so. Socialism believes in theft by majority vote, or theft by a majority of representatives’ votes in Congress. Socialism is the belief that it’s OK to steal from your neighbor if you do it by means of the government’s gun. Socialism places man, and ultimately the State, in the place of God. Man becomes owned by other men, instead of by his Maker. Socialism is an entirely humanistic, God-denying, God-usurping belief. (p. 9)

We see merely the logical extension of this plundering group of men in these European and socialistic mobs. When they cannot sate their lust through Congress, Parliament, the State, they bypass law and go straight to the source—the lusts and power of the mob. This is socialism incarnate. It is unredeemed and satanic.

Satanism is not only murderous, not only cruel and viscous… it is also incredibly boring.

Time to dump it. On a national, then worldwide scale!

The Christian has so much more to offer. The vestiges of Christian federalism still restrain our system, even if Courts and lawmakers have long-since abandoned the ideal; and even if socialistic interests—pensioners, private-public corporate deals, labor unions, social security, agricultural subsidies, the military industrial complex, and the pharmaceutical-medical-insurance-industrial complex—have torn at the seams of the system for decades. We still have a slim view of the path back to peace and freedom, should we have the will and integrity to take it.

While many people are, today, placing far too much hope in the incoming president, whose policies will in many ways be just as socialistic, if not more so, than the current one’s, there is still tremendous Christian capital in the red counties of America. There is still hope for rule of law, private property, and Christianity in this nation. It will take a sweeping, organized move of he pulpits, initiated by a revival, but it is there. Pulpits and Christians must bend toward God, and anticipate a type of austerity which we can only accept with the help of the Holy Spirit.

If you wait on today’s seminary-trained pastors to lead the way to Christian victory in time and on earth, you will wait forever.

The pulpits need to be swept clean, first.

We will need to be ready to received criticism and correction leading to sacrifice.

We pray for a better day when God in His Providence will give us even better opportunity, and must we plan and prepare for that day to come. Christian political “activists” avoid violent mob action as it is a direct sell-out to socialism and a denial of Christianity.

It is time to be truly crazy Americans.

The good guys have to win somewhere

Why not in the United States of America?

Why not here?

Why not now?


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