Lessons for Christians in Nature

Know the wondrous, hidden, intricate beauty… and learn from it!

Know the sinful, lying, deceiving danger in nature… and learn from it!

As a creationist, I know that nature was originally created good, but was twisted when we fell from grace. As a believer in the redeeming power of Christ, I know that we are called to repair the damage: and even make it better than before, God giving us grace and favour to do so.

Only Christ can finally and definitively cast our true enemies, Satan, Hell, and Death, into the Lake of Fire, unable to spew their cruelty and viciousness ever again. But as agents of the Almighty, we can work in Christ in a limited way, obedient to His commandments, to drive them off the territory they have unlawfully claimed.

As we slowly — sometimes with setbacks, but generally with success — push the enemies of God off God’s land, step by step, we must also invite the Holy Spirit to lay down the foundations of a loving, joyful, fruitful world. Death is to be overwhelmed with life, sin crushed under righteousness, lies shattered by Divine Truth.

Among men, as well as in nature.


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