Raptures and Slave-Masters

From Gary North’s North – Millennialism and Social Theory. Pages 134-136.

First, the necessary groundwork. Second, the punch to the face.

The Groundwork

We do not see God’s positive historical discontinuities apart from His negative discontinuities against those being displaced. Nevertheless, the program of the Church is peaceful positive displacement, soul by soul. God wins, Satan loses: soul by soul. Who brings the necessary negative corporate sanctions? God does, not through the Church but through such means as pestilence, plague, and war. The Church is supposed to pray for God’s negative discontinuities in history against entrenched corporate evil. This is why God gave us His imprecatory psalms to sing and pray publicly in the Church (e.g., Psalm 83).

The Church is to publicly damn the wicked, and curse evil societies – you know, like the society you are living in right now.

Evil cultures and evil men are to rot and wither, become impoverished and die, and so make way for God’s men to flourish and grow, become enriched and inherit the world.

(Note: I will put “inherit the world” at a minimum, being insistent that Christ rules the heavens… and highly confident (though not certain) that He will bring life to those dead worlds, with His people as His life-bearing agents.)

The vast majority of churches refuse to do this: therefore, they will be smashed and humiliated by God (as you well know, just by looking around you) before He deals with His explicit, public enemies.

God is impartial and just, and so will clean out His own house first.

Here is the biblical program for cultural transformation. First, the Church is to bring continuous positive sanctions into a covenant-breaking culture: preaching, the sacraments, charity, and the disciplining of its members (a negative sanction by the Church, but positive for society: it keeps other Christians more honest). Second, the Holy Spirit must also bring positive discontinuities into individual lives: conversion. This is at His discretion, not ours. Third, a sovereign God in heaven must bring His discontinuous, corporate, negative sanctions against covenant- breakers in history. Notice, above all, that it is God who brings negative corporate sanctions in society, not the Church. The Church is an exclusively positive agent in society. I stress this because of the continuing misrepresentation of our position on social change by critics, both Christian and pagan. While these misrepresentations will continue, the reader has now been provided with an immunization shot.

North wisely wastes no times on the committed enemies of God — “You can tell they hate God because of their eagerness to lie about Him,” as I would put it — but is willing to spend time on honest men, willing to learn.

A good model to follow, if you get my drift.

And it bears repeating: It is God who primarily bears the sword in history, and the State, as His minister, who is empowered to use it in highly limited situations. The Church is not to use the sword.

(The Church has a far greater power: the ability to excommunicate people, and so damn them to hell… assuming confirmation by God that the Church is judging aright, and assuming that the apostate does not repent. And even this power is geared to the individual sinner, imprecatory prayer, not swords or guns or bombs, is the Church’s tool to judge societies.

Hmm… when was the last time you heard an imprecatory prayer from the pulpit? Is there any possible sin that could cause a modern preacher to say such Biblical things that would disgust Wealthy Establishment Men, and cut deeply into the tithes?

“By asking the question, you receive the answer.”)

Another implication is the denial of salvation by law.

Well, so much for Islam.

And Judaism.

And Buddhism.

And Marxism.


Men cannot work their way into heaven. There can be no valid program of personal salvation that is based on the continuity of fallen man’s labors. The Holy Spirit’s discontinuous intervention into history alone can save men’s souls. We are saved exclusively by grace. This means that personal regeneration is initiated from outside of history into history. This perspective is a denial of the messianic State and the social gospel movement. It is also a denial of liberation theology. There can be no positive, continuity-based, institutional program that guarantees God’s grant of salvation to fallen men. Special grace is discontinuous. Common grace, while continuous, is strictly a temporary grant of external healing to men and institutions. It is the equivalent of medical care in a hospice filled with terminal patients. It is a kindness unto death.

Yabbering Pagans don’t, can’t believe God does these things.

“How dare He punish those who despise His commandments? HOW DARE HE!”

If thine enemy be hungry, give him bread to eat; and if he be thirsty, give him water to drink: For thou shalt heap coals of fire upon his head, and the Lord shall reward thee. — Proverbs 25:21-22

Dearly beloved, avenge not yourselves, but rather give place unto wrath: for it is written, Vengeance is mine; I will repay, saith the Lord. Therefore if thine enemy hunger, feed him; if he thirst, give him drink: for in so doing thou shalt heap coals of fire on his head. Be not overcome of evil, but overcome evil with good. — Romans 12:19-21

Believing Christians know better, as they know Who owns the world, and Who lays down the Law.

The Punch to the Face

We have yet to see in history a case of the cultural displacement of covenant-breakers apart from the widespread imposition of God’s corporate negative sanctions. Christians refuse to recognize this. They seek continuity: the temporary cease-fire of pluralism. Covenant-breakers then use their civil authority to increase the persecution of Christians, who then conclude that Jesus is coming soon. The alliance continues: the power religion and the escape religion.

Upper-class Christians, by and large, will forever love pluralism and ‘neutral secular authorities’… as such compromise protect their paychecks.

Those third-rate academics that make up the Christian Brain Trust understand that it’s their secular colleagues who hold the whip hand… and are far more likely to dump any and all of God’s explicit commandments, rather than lose access to their rice bowl.

What is the nature of this alliance? The power religionists want to keep Christians gazing hopefully up at heaven, looking for their physical deliverance from beyond history, which the humanists regard as mythical but extremely useful for purposes of social control. The promotion of a similar “skyward” strategy of non-historical deliverance worked so well for the old South’s slave owners in their control of their Christian slaves that the humanists have mimicked it.

Pietistic, escapist religion is not fit for Dominion-oriented men.

It is a religion fit for crawling, gelded, impotent slaves, though.

(No insult intended to the black slaves of old, who at least can rightfully plead ignorance, illiteracy, and dependency.

What’s your excuse?

Why should you fears powerful men …and, until November 2017, a certain woman… far more than the wrath of God?

I will only point out that a lot of believers died in the desert, in Moses’ time.)

So have their targeted slaves. The leaders of modern Protestantism’s pietistic escape religion, like the black “trustees” of the old South’s plantation system, want to keep their subordinates firmly in place under their authority, not getting involved in areas of life unfamiliar to, or beyond the abilities of, those presently occupying the pulpits. They can use every invasion of liberty by the power religionists as proof of the imminent return of Christ. “Look up!” In the same way that sadists need masochists, and vice versa, so do humanists and pessimillennialists need and use each other.

If it were up to the vast majority of Christian Cultural Leaders, things would be… much the same as it is today. What is it to them if any notion of God and Christ, Law and Truth, Holiness and Sacrifice fades from reality and obedience to some nebulous spiritual powerless mystical blather?


They like things the way it is: the morons in the backwoods keep on donating, the money continues to flow into the Republican pockets (with no measurable results whatsoever), there is only defeat after defeat, year after year… and that dwindling band of pathetic cringing Christian losers are perfectly happy with their abject failure, as “it just means that Jesus is Coming Again Real Soon Now!”

That’s why billions spent on the Christian Right, over decades, has amounted to nothing at all.

(If Christians actually wanted to win, the very first thing they would do is get their kids out of the pointedly anti-Christian public schools.

They haven’t done this: ergo, they don’t really want to win.

Therefore, they will continue to lose, and lose, and lose…

…until the only Christians that are left are those who 1) value their children’s souls and intelligence and independence over conformity and free child care, 2) see the Ruling Class as self-serving, short-sighted failures as well as moral monsters, 3) have a workable, low-cost (and so long-term) plan to get back their freedom. These are the Christians who will win.)

A few quick North links before I go on:

This will do for a start, if you really want to put an end to the century-long string of laughable failures.

(Well, Satanic/Establishment laughter anyways.

God isn’t laughing at the willful folly of Western Christianity… I can tell you that much!

“Let’s have the Muslim migrants illustrate just how little humour God feels, when it comes to Christian insolence and contemptuous disobedience for the God they claim to worship.”)

And no, I don’t expect Trump to change much at all. Even if he was utterly dedicated to the Cause of Christ, the root of the problem is in the shriveled heart of the common, uncaring believer: even the very best of leaders can’t work with that kind of material!

And if Trump actually was a fascist (which he isn’t, by the way)? Let us once again consider just how quickly the Spanish Catholic Church crumbled into an irrelevancy, after Franco died.

Top-down isn’t how Christian societies live and thrive: it’s bottom-up. Not a centralizing leader, but a decentralized network of counties, families, business, churches and free citizens.


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