American Indian Tribes; Testosterone

From The Spreading Epidemic of Tribalism in America

“Officials in a small Montana town say they will have to disincorporate the community or declare bankruptcy over an ongoing dispute with the Blackfeet Tribe about water and utility service…lawsuits filed by the Blackfeet Tribe, Two Medicine Water Company and certain tribal members have had the same goal: to eliminate the Town of Browning by bleeding it financially dry, officials reported.” —Missoulian, Dec. 25, 2015

A similar fate once threatened the Village of Hobart, Wisconsin, and now threatens Shawnee, Oklahoma and many other communities . So what is the problem with removing municipal government for tribal government jurisdiction? Tribal governments do not allow non-tribal residents any voice in their government, and have no duty to protect or serve them. Tribes just want to tax, govern or chase non-Indians away. Rightful government of American citizens on Indian reservations is gone when states, counties and towns spinelessly give up.

The Obama Administration has determined that integrating domestic tribalism (Native American Tribal governments) with Middle Eastern tribalism is good “economic development” for America’s Indian tribes. This chilling concoction and merging of tribalism bodes serious peril for America as discussed below, following a little background.

Serious and enormous escalation of tribal governance over non-tribal persons, businesses and properties is resulting in the removal of State authority and responsibility for its citizens. Citizens are losing their government when they succumb to bullying, name-calling, frivolous litigation, appeasement, and acquiescence to every tribal demand. The price is the loss of government that serves and protects you – the United States and State Constitutions.

Elaine WIllman may disagree, but I see this as part of the inevitable disintegration of the Liberal, pointedly secularistic American Empire. Nothing lasts forever except the Kingdom of God… and the US Government isn’t the Kingdom.

Domestic tribalism and Middle Eastern tribalism have shared cultural norms (communalism) and a common adversary: the United States. The White House views big Middle Eastern money (Turkey, Saudi Arabia, etc.) tucked away on private Indian tribal “trust” lands as good for Indians and America. Tribal trust land is off-limits to all state and local government eyes. We should be extremely concerned. For the doubtful, visit the website to see how significantly America’s Indian tribes are being tracked and engaged. Just enter the search word “tribe.”

We will now have wealthy little Sharia compounds on Indian reservations to add to the 190 cities designated to receive Syrian refugees. Obama is polka-dotting the entire country with Sharia enclaves to enrich Indian tribes and reflect our generous heart for immigrants. Our blind, deaf and dormant Congress has held its nose and endorsed all of this.

If anything, the legal sovereignty of the American Indian tribes should be a goal for every county and town in the nation (and the world). Forget looking up to the Lying Masters in Washington to solve your problems: it’s time to deal with your neighbours, face to face.

But if you happen to live close to a American Indian Tribe, I suggest that you put in the effort to bring them into the Christian fold. Yes: that move, done successfully, will mean a complete overhaul of said Indian tribe, and the destruction of their dependency culture (which means they will not be so easily managed by the Great White Father.) And yes, Rushdoony himself had his difficulties in this missionary work, as his book The American Indian illustrates.

However: if Christendom does not grow, it must shrink… a truth any secularist (and Muslim) would laughingly approve of. If you don’t take action, others will.

From How to Increase Testosterone Naturally: Why You Don’t Need Steroids

Why are Men Losing Testosterone?

While it may appear clear on how to increase testosterone, there is much speculation at the moment as to the exact reasons why men have lower testosterone levels. It seems fairly clear that it is a combination of xenoestrogens (chemical agriculture, cologne, plastic water bottles, face and body washes, creams) environmental pollutants, medications, sedentary lifestyle and a low-fat, high grain/sugar diet that is contributing to this problem.

In a study highlighted in Scientific American, exposure to dioxin and BPA in a pregnant female rat lead to low testosterone levels in four generations of mice. When we look at study from Brazil – who have also embraced genetically modified crops and therefore heavy pesticide and herbicide use – we find that these chemicals lower testosterone and increase estrogen. Chemical agriculture was introduced in the early 1900’s, and use has been compounding since then along with our disease rates. GMO’s have pushed this amount even further despite promises that it would require less chemicals. Instead, nature created super weeds.

Another study found that that high spikes in blood sugar was enough to drop testosterone levels by as much as 25% in a random grouping of healthy, prediabetic, and diabetic men. Here we find the fallacy of loading up on refined grain carbohydrates and sugary sports drinks; these are making you weaker not stronger. Oxidative stress from exercise, fluoridated water and pollutants also tax testosterone, making dietary antioxidants and adaptogens very important.


Eat More Fat, Get More Testosterone

A study published in the International Journal of Sports Medicine revealed that strength athletes who consumed the most fat also had the highest testosterone levels, however, excessive protein also compromised the anabolic response. A study from the Journal of Clinical Endocrinology & Metabolism reported that a low-fat, high-fiber diet reduced testosterone levels in middle-aged men. Men whose testosterone levels were slightly above average were 45% less likely to have high blood pressure, 72% less likely to have experienced a heart attack and 75% less likely to be obese than men whose levels were slightly below average. The optimal level appears to in the 550-900 ng/dl range to reduce risk according to the American College of Cardiology.


Drink More Alcohol, Get Less Strength  

One small study titled Acute alcohol consumption aggravates the decline of muscle performance following strenuous eccentric exercise, had healthy males engage in strength training, then post-workout consume alcohol or orange juice. Measurements were made with isometric, concentric and eccentric force measurements before, 36 hours and 60 hours after 300 concentric contractions of quadriceps with alcohol or orange juice. While alcohol didn’t effect soreness, it did impact muscle strength by as much as 40 percent.

Drink More Beer And Alcohol, Get Less Testosterone

Hops in beer is estrogenic, and drinking too much alcohol can cause testosterone to convert to estrogen (remember this the next time your buddy is giving a lot of hugs and telling everyone he loves them). According to the book Sacred and Herbal Healing Beers, before the use of hops in beer, gruit ale was the beer staple made primarily with sweet gale, bog myrtle and yarrow. These herbs were mildly narcotic and some were considered aphrodisiacs, and due to these qualities, it was under extreme interrogation by the Protestant church. Unhappy with partying habits of the Catholics, the Protestants played a role in the banning of certain herbs and replacing them with hops. Why? Hops cause drowsiness and a diminished sex drive. They knew this before we understood what estrogenic meant. Party’s over.

How To Increase Testosterone Naturally

The level that appears to be the most beneficial is between 550-900 ng/dl, aiming for the higher end. You can use to track your fat, protein and carbohydrate ratios for free. I tracked mine, and consistently hit approximately 55% fat, 20% protein and 25% carbohydrates daily.

So, why this long article on testosterone?

If Christian men are going to restore Christian dominance and victory over her many insipid but numerous enemies, they are going to have to both strengthen and discipline their manhood. That means keeping yourself in good shape… which includes your testosterone levels.

Aggression and the willingness to fight for what is right is something that is deeply hated by our Loving Lying Masters, who prefer their sheep gelded, broken, and easily led.

There is no time for this corruption in a Christian society… the only society worth building.

Protect yourself and your sons from those who despise God… and so, as surely as night follows day, despise you too.

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