Foreign Missions: Not Money, but Comprehensive Redemption

Listening to the Bojidar Marinov’s recent podcast on Foreign Missions, it’s good to hear that the Americans are still generous donors… which, incidentally, suggests that the full judgement of God on the US isn’t imminent, as God would have arranged for another donor nation.

The problem isn’t the money: 2-3 Billion USD a year seems too small to me, but Marinov is confident that this is more than sufficient to the task. Entire nations have been converted on far less, after all!

The problem is that Americans simply aren’t effective: money alone isn’t enough. The whole man, his family, city, job, and nation must be changed, must be redeemed.

Not just individual souls, not just families. Cities, tribes, nations, civilizations need to be brought into the Kingdom!

Do this, and all the billions of Saudi Arabia, Iran, and the Gulf States will be just an irrelevancy.


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