The Agony of Injustice, The Need to Protect You and Yours

From LewRockwell:

All over Austria and Germany, organized bands of organized Middle Eastern and North African “asylum seekers” are attacking, sexually assaulting, and raping women – publicly. Many of the victims are teenagers, who are carefully targeted. In fact, the gangs work according to a “system,” according to one police official in Innsbruck in Tirol.

These attacks by Islamic “refugees” are going on every day throughout Austria and Germany – so often that Merkelite government officials caution police not to make the reported rapes and assaults public (one German woman nonetheless traced her assailant to a refugee camp where she identified him and insisted he be tried. His punishment: transfer to another refugee camp.)

Injustice and corruption, in a secularist culture that nurtures evil and despises the innocent.

Men will not judge rightly, so God will judge.

It will be an unpleasant judgement – but Justice will be upheld.

It is wise to fear God now.

Last New Year’s Eve, thousands of German women in their teens and twenties were victims of sexual assaults and rapes committed by mobs of “refugees” in the square adjoining the historic Cologne cathedral. Three weeks later, Cardinal Rainer Maria Woelki, Archbishop of Cologne, joined with other notables and celebrities to condemn the attacks, which they blamed on  “powerful sexism” and “xenophobic agitation.”

Finding no help from their governments and their spiritual leaders, Austrian and German women are now rushing to buy modernized “chastity belts” to protect  from sexual assault by Muslim migrants . At the moment, they are sold out.

I recommend guns, myself. With proper weapons training, of course.

Secularists would prefer that you rely on the police.

(And so would antinomian Christians, like the Cardinal above.)

I advise otherwise.

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