Why Keep Faith with Darwin?

As the following article discusses, there are quite a number of scientists who have published their doubts and disagreements regarding Darwin over the last two decades.

But that leads to a different point:

But a question nags: Why is Checkpoint Charlie is still so overstaffed with dogmatists in the field? They have to know something is wrong. Physicist Rob Sheldon kindly writes to say,

Because somebody with resources thinks it is important.

Note that it doesn’t have to be a majority. It doesn’t have to make sense. It doesn’t even mean that there’s a threat. Just that somebody finds it important enough to devote resources to it.

My best guess is that there are several completely distinct groups that find it mutually helpful to man the booth:
a) the nouveau athée who still have a bothersome conscience trying to sneak back in
b) the elitist who wants a subservient underclass to unquestionably obey social engineering projects
c) the intelligentsia who want science (and himself) to acquire more power and prestige
d) the communist who hates the church and its diminishing power
e) the youth who covets the privileged life of all the above
f) the jaded, faded, past-middle-age bureaucrat who has trouble sleeping at night
g) the one or two NCSE educrats who find it a very remunerative position for a set of useless skills

Well, in the New Year, let’s resolve to keep reading, learning, and thinking. Eventually, a better informed public starts to matter.

I actually agree with this resolution… but it is a slow process.

(Much like the redemption of the world, actually… While the key victory has already been won by Christ, the progressive spadework requires resolution and commitment, day after day, decade after decade, century after century.)

It will get easier after the Great Default, and the public (read: committed secularist/atheist) school system begins its dive into irrelevance.

But until then, someone must lead in creating a better informed public. Which is where Christian homeschoolers come in…

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