The Spine of John the Baptist

Men With Spine, and Men Without

As recorded in the scriptures, John the Baptist condemned Herod Antipas for taking Herodias as his wife. Why? Because her first husband, Herod II, was still alive. That made the arrangement a form of adultery.

Now, today, nobody would care. The reason why nobody would care is that today’s preachers —

who, unlike John the Baptist, are not filled with the Spirit, and prefer to avoid the bother of challenging wickedness and corruption in high places (and perhaps lose their head… or be laughed at… or be cut out of invitations to the best parties)

— have no intention of causing trouble to the Power Elite.

Moreover, more than a few of today’s spineless, seminary-taught geldings want to be able to pick up a married woman at need as well.

But, much as I loathe today’s pastorate (because the repulsive stink of their failure is inescapable in Western society), it must be admitted that the pastors retain their leadership positions only and solely because the laymen and (especially the) laywomen want spineless failures at the pulpit.

Repentance starts with the people of God.

A gutless and worthless church is sure to welcome any perversion, and for their treason against Christ and His Law may even get tossed a few dog biscuits by Men of Authority, (as they struggle to suppress their contemptuous snorting for a moment or two)…

…but in the long term, they can only expect to be ground into the dirt, to be trodden on under foot of men, to be the tail and not the head.

It’s more than likely that the current generation of Christian leaders will chain themselves to their secular masters, and they and their churches will fade from history, powerless and irrelevant and forgotten.

But – and this is important – oh so very safe and comfortable, never angering powerful men.

Just as they always desired.

(But I don’t care to be in their shoes, when they stand before that awesome Judgement Seat, and God asks what did they do with the talents He gave them.

It is not Powerful Men who we are to fear,
but God the Creator, Redeemer, and Judge of All.)

But those men who repent of their filth, and invite Christ to fill and purify their lives, to be used aggressively to expand His kingdom…. these men have a future worth talking about.

I believe in the pursuit of excellence, and I’ll carry the future with me. — Harold Abraham, Chariots of Fire

(Inspired by The Theme of This Site: Pursue Excellence and Carry the Future With You. But Be Prepared to Deal With Envy.)

King Jesus, not King Saul
Law and Liberty, not Powerful Men

I suspect that Herod Antipas would have fit in well with the leadership that Christians revere today, be it Trump or Putin. After all, Herod Antipas was a competent Roman administrator, just as Herod the Great built a magnificent temple ‘for the glory of God’ (when he wasn’t trying to kill Christ in his cradle), with the solid support of the Important Religious Leaders of the time, from pro-Roman Sadducee to the legalistic Pharisees.

God sends His People the leadership they request: and if they call for King Saul rather than David, or for Caesar than Christ, well, they will get what they want… good and hard.

I trust that Christian Reconstruction in general, and even my blog in particular, will spark a desire for something better for serious Christian men, the kind of men who want to see victories for Christ and His Glory, in time and on earth (and not just in some far distant future!) before which all shall kneel.

The Official Enemy: Marxist Nihilism

Now, let’s see the reason why Christians have turned to worldly Mighty Men of the World, with money and power, to protect them.

As opposed to relying on God, and drawing strength and power from Him, His Holy Word, and His Holy Spirit.

Again, from Codevilla’s The Rise of Political Correctness:

No more than its European counterparts does America’s progressive ruling class offer any vision of truth, goodness, beauty, or advantage to attract the rest of society to itself. Like its European kin, all that American progressivism offers is obedience to the ruling class, enforced by political correctness. Nor is there any endpoint to what is politically correct, any more than there ever was to Communism. Here and now, as everywhere and always, it comes down to glorifying the party and humbling the rest.

If cultural hegemony merely meant achieving the progressive ruling class’s near monopoly of America’s cultural institutions, the conflict ended a generation ago: the rulers won. But because the ruling class acts as if the old culture’s recalcitrant remnants merit ever more intensive efforts to crush them, cultural hegemony by P.C. means an endless cycle of insult and resentment, guaranteeing the conflict’s permanence.


Why does the American Left demand ever-new P.C. obeisances? In 2012 no one would have thought that defining marriage between one man and one woman, as enshrined in U.S. law, would brand those who do so as motivated by a culpable psychopathology called “homophobia,” subject to fines and near-outlaw status. Not until 2015-16 did it occur to anyone that requiring persons with male personal plumbing to use public bathrooms reserved for men was a sign of the same pathology. Why had not these become part of the P.C. demands previously? Why is there no canon of P.C. that, once filled, would require no further additions?

Because the point of P.C. is not and has never been merely about any of the items that it imposes, but about the imposition itself. Much less is it about creating a definable common culture or achieving some definable good. On the retail level, it is about the American’s ruling class’s felt need to squeeze the last drops of voter participation out of the Democratic Party’s habitual constituencies. On the wholesale level, it is a war on civilization waged to indulge identity politics.

How Does This Movie End?

The imposition of P.C. has no logical end because feeling better about one’s self by confessing other people’s sins, humiliating and hurting them, is an addictive pleasure the appetite for which grows with each satisfaction. The more fault I find in thee, the holier (or, at least, the trendier) I am than thou. The worse you are, the better I am and the more power I should have over you.

These are the Loving, Tolerant and Compassionate Masters that American Christians are fleeing from.

Once Masters and now Slaves, Christians cry for protection from persecution from hordes of whiny, pathetic children.

All Secular States Innately Despise Christian Morality and Liberty,
Always and Everywhere

Now true: the Tolerant Ones truly hate and despise Christianity with all of their being.

And as such, the Media and Academia will always and forever hate Christ as God and King…

(but have no problems with “Christ as a good man”, no more than Muslims have a problem with Jesus as “the second-greatest prophet”. Lots of pretty words, but no authority or power. A gelded, nice, powerless prophet, just the way they (and lots of Christians) like it.)

…and believing Christians will always be held in contempt, now and forever…. as is inevitable and always the case in all secular governments.

So Christians had better get serious about mastering God’s Law, so they can in time build and live under Christian government.

“Either rule yourself, or be ruled by your enemies.”

And I grant, it is also true that Our Masters get intense pleasure in grinding their heels into Christian faces.

But American Christians need to ask: where did these oppressors come from?

The Real Enemy: Christian Corruption

The answer, of course, is that the Tolerance Committee directly stems from the desire of American Christians to abdicate all responsibility to expand the Kingdom of God in this world.

If American Christians hated aggressive, illegal, imperial wars as God did, then they would have never gotten into Vietnam. So there would have been no draft to evade, and no flood of leftist intellectuals into academia.

If American Christians really hated Empire, they would have dumped the Bible-waving American Fascist, Theodore Roosevelt.  (For the short-form article, click here.) But Americans always want felt strongest when shooting some dark-skinned inferior in the jungle.

If American Christians truly hated theft, they would have never tolerated the socialism of Hoover (never mind Roosevelt!) Instead, they have consistently backed Progressivism for over a century now… and will only stop,

  • not because of the moral collapse of society,
  • or the loss of liberty,
  • or the infinite and total contempt they receive from The Right Sort,
  • or the total political & cultural powerless they have received, stemming directly from their crippled theology, love of retreatism and pietism, and hunger of infantized, responsibility-free ‘baby milk’ spiritual maturity,

but only because the money ran out and the debts became too large to hide in the Great Default.

You know, in the same way Liberals abandoned Marxism, not because of the mass murders or the endless lies or the oppressive and cruel police state, but because of the political collapse of the Soviet Union.

The Price For Moral Treason

American Christians revere power over all: thus, they turn to powerful men to protect them instead of God, who would rightfully demand repentance before forgiveness and restoration.

These Christians are sure to get their rightful reward.

I trust that the Christians who read this blog will keep their distance from Mighty Men, and instead turn to Jesus Christ for leadership, in humility, repentance, and a willingness to be restored and purified, obedient to Christ’s World and the Commandments of the Bible… as dictated to Moses, and modified by Christ.

Restored not only for personal salvation, but to expand the Kingdom of God, everywhere!


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