Raising a Big Family: Guidelines

The recent Quartz article, How I made sure all 12 of my kids could pay for college themselves, is a good place to learn how to raise a big family successfully… when it comes to family governance, teaching self-discipline, respecting authority, and raising kids to be independent.

There is a bit of a lack in two areas.

Homeschooling: there is none mentioned.

Now, this is OK if you are sending your children to a private Christian school – and the writer is a successful man, so it is possible that he can pay for private school for all twelve.

But that’s really expensive, even if you are really rich. It’s much wiser and cost efficient to go the homeschool route.

But if my suspicions are correct, and if the kids are being sent to a public school, then he is defeats the very purpose of having children!

(Did you really think that God sent you children to reinforce the armies of Satan?)

Of course, in a large family, education needs to be organized well with the older children teaching the younger children. I recommend the Ron Paul Curriculum for entrepreneurs and the Robinson Curriculum for the more science-oriented folk.

University: The man pushed his kids to take every Advanced Placement test there is: an excellent decision!

(Or, go with CLEP exams, to cut out two years of your college expenses.)

But they still went to full-service universities, instead of shaving even more of he cost down by getting your accredited degree at home (and save a bundle).

(Also see: Game-Changer in Higher Education: Under $8,000 for an Accredited B.A.)


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