Schooled by Issac Arthur, with Preface

This blog has been heavily theological for a long time, and rightfully so: we need to get our business straight down here, before we can expand up there.

Especially as the Bible stresses Christ’s kingship and our dominion on Earth. This implies that we are not going to (properly) expand into space until (at best) after the world has been broadly converted to the Cause of Christ. I highly respect this decision, as the idea of moral monsters raping the universe and each other while shouting any number of self-glorifying slogans repulses me.

(And at worst… the First Adam’s failure is permanent in this dimension, and we never gain the stars.

If God decided that, along with the end of childbirth in eternity (our growth in numbers), we can never gain the stars (our growth in territory)… then His will be done.

I pray that it is not so — “What can I say? I’m a Dominion Man!” — but frankly, I am grateful to merely be cleansed of sin and moral filth, to praise Jesus Christ forever in word and deed.

That, alone, is far more than I deserve!)

I suggest that,

  • just as God expected Adam and his helpmate to groom the Garden to a state of vibrant perfection before they and their children raised up the entire world to the state of Eden,
  • so God expected us to build an excellent, joyful dominion on Earth, before going on the tame and enhance the Heavens.

But Adam, our lawful representative, decided to be power-lusting evil morons instead of holy, godly, righteous and compassionate Servants and Sons of God.

But what the First Adam laughingly threw away, the Second Adam painfully regained.

(And crushed the serpents head while He was at it. How cool is that?)

And so, the post below, copy/pasted from my Traveller blog, grounded in the hope that the full consequences of our wickedness, from the first Adam to the just-conceived child, will be wiped away by the incomprehensible sacrifice of Jesus Christ.

Issac Arthur — actually, Isaac Albert Arthur (a born sci-fi man) — has produced an intellectually attractive set of 20-40 minute speculative science videos, dense with information, which could be very useful for Travellers of all ages.

Starlifting (what I call Starmining)

  • Brainwave: “Where there is mining, there will be mining accidents.” Yeah….

Life in a Space Colony, ep1: Extraterrestrial Colonies

Life in a Space Colony, ep2: Colony Spaceships

Life in a Space Colony, ep3: Early Interstellar Colonies

Terraforming Techniques

Post Scarcity Civilizations

Technological Singularity

Self Replicating Machines

The Spaceship Propulsion

Transhumanism and Immortality

Space Warfare

  • “Why yes, I stuck the only video 20% of Travellers are interested in wayyy down here. Eat your veggies, before getting your dessert!”

Also, check out the playlists.

  • “Black Hole Farming! Where have you been all my life?”

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