Rise of the Sexbots

Taking a rift off of North’s Sexual Suicide: Gilder’s 1973 Book Title Goes Robotic

Yes, the sexbots are coming, and I suspect be workable machines by around 2050s: long past the time man-driven cars are banned in Europe and then the US as “evil death machines.”

Which means that they should be very popular around the 2070s: mass produced, and found across the planet. They don’t even exist yet, but a substantial percentage of a survey (presumably of men) are already ready to use them when they are available.

And there are a lot of men out there who are already addicted to pornography.

Which means the collapse of the human population, assuming they become addictive. (An accelerating collapse, outside of Africa and some parts of the Middle East: remember the aging crisis?)

So, who is going to stay the hell away from these smiling perversion & death machines?

(…and disease vectors, no matter what the advertising brochures claim…)

The same people who insist on marriage before sex, marry for life, aim for large families, and have no time for any of the other sexual deviancies offered by our dying, rotting culture.

North comments on the coming Dead Sex Plague: “It will transfer wealth and influence to men with wives and children. Inheritance matters to these people. The future matters.”

And it should matter most to Dominion Men.

In sum: I can imagine by 2200 a world population of perhaps 200 million or so, the descendants of those who despised the numerous smooth hellbound paths to sterile fantasies and masturbatory pleasures of the dying, then rotting, then dead, Secular West.

A good percentage of the survivors are going to be obedient Christians.

I can see some Muslims rejecting robotic sex as haram (forbidden)… assuming they survive the coming Sunni-Shiite Wars and the brutal collapse of the (by then) failed states of Egypt, Turkey, Saudi Arabia…

And I am comfortable in assuming that the Orthodox Jews will reject that path to national extinction, as well.

The Dharmic religions — Hinduism, Buddhism, et. al. — believe that sexuality is a tie to the world, and so brings suffering. They don’t have a particular law forbidding homosexuality, although some (not all, and perhaps not a majority) do see it as a form of sexual misconduct.

They are unlikely to approve of robotic sex: but I suspect that the Chinese & Japanese governments, with their strong desire to reduce their populations, will not oppose it much.

(…but see the Chinese hostility to pornography, if only as a justification for censorship…)

Will the aftermath of the Dead Sex Plague make the world more likely to glorify Christ?

Well, the survivors are quite likely to be religious, and so open to the idea of a Holy Lawgiver.

(Atheism/Secularism — when it is isn’t about the Might and Glory of the State — is mainly driven by the hunger to justify fornication and theft by some stratagem or other, so it’s going to wind down with the abandoned sexbots.

The radially decentralized future with their greatly weakened — when not actually bankrupt — governments and their busted welfare-states isn’t particularly healthy for Secularism and its self-adoring God-State, either.)

I suggest that those who chose life over death in one area, are likely to chose life over death in other areas as well.

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