“Darwin’s alt right is back, dumping Christianity now”

Hadn’t that been always the case, since at least the rise of Racial Darwinism?

After all, the famous book is titled On the Origin of Species by Means of Natural Selection, or the Preservation of Favoured Races in the Struggle for Life after all!

Uncommon Descent shares their viewpoint:

What happened? One professor of evolutionary psychology and religion, in a forthcoming book, argues that mainstream Christianity has been overtaken by girly men. It’s undergone a selection process where more manly men have left leadership positions so all that’s remaining are cuckolds.

So they no longer claim to be Christians. Hold that thought, guys.

Fake news? Well, there is an Asatru Folk Assembly. A Google search and a search on suggested links seem to show that these people are out there. Here and here, for example.

Anyway, in the battle between Darwinism and Christianity, these former Christians have clearly decided to be Darwinists—a choice many mainstream Christian groups have not yet confronted. So if the question comes up where you are, save this link.

* Miss Manners is, apparently, not alt right.

See also:Christian racism? Election years bring dangerous creatures from the shadows


The alt right, Donald Trump, and – oddly enough – Darwin. Anyone not committed to Darwinian survival of the fittest cannot be ‘alt right’.

Well, I do have to agree that our Glorious Christian Leadership really are cuckolds – at least in the spiritual and moral sense.

Without the Law and the Commandments, the Christian Man is going to lose his Spine and his Muscle… so I will admit, the alt-Right is merely pointing out the obvious here.

Don’t like it? Then Christian Men must actually obey Christ, in order to be victorious over the enemies of Christ.

As it is, limp-wristed girly-men can easily out-muscle any number of Christians in the United States. Such a disgrace points directly to a curse on the American.. even the Western… Christian Church.

With repentance comes restoration… and not a second before.

As for the alt-Right? They are only a shadow of their fore-bearers of the 1920s and 1930s, and echo of a vanished civilization. This is easily demonstrable by their birthrates: a nation with hope can at least reproduce itself, while a dying culture simply won’t.

(Actually, European birthrates were on a downtrend – first in France, and then elsewhere – for at least a century before that: and I suggest that the real might of Europe was between 1792 and the 1850s, when Darwin started to open his mouth, atheists got a intellectually satisfying reason to worship themselves (or the State) instead of God, and who were promptly struck with race blindness…

…the predecessor to race suicide, starting since at least World War I, on through the Communists and the Nazis (blond Germans slaughtering blond Russians, and being slaughtered in turn, with everyone impoverishing Europe as fast as they could) and the Sexual Revolution, and on to this very day, with Angela Merkel et al.)

If Black Americans wanted to stand tall, they’d get serious about obeying God: the sixth commandment against murder, the seventh against adultery, and the eight against theft would make excellent starting points. With obedience comes self-discipline, strength, insight, and victory over the God-haters. With disobedience… well, that leads to the cesspool of failure many Black Americans are wallowing in today.

Especially Black American Men.

White Americans — with their rising illegitimacy rates, and their increasingly rampant denial of the very authority of God Himself — have even worse problems. From the head, they are rapidly heading to the tail: and without the ability to bear children, or hold their families together, there’s only an abyss awaiting them in the future, with the cruel laughter of Satan echoing therein.

Black Americans face endless humiliation and contempt before all the other American races: White Americans face a self-inflicted extinction event, similar to that to White Europeans (but without the waves of Jihadi moving in).

(Exactly who legalized easy divorces, easy abortions, and backed sodomy in all its forms again? Who punished hotels that refused to rent rooms to unmarried couples, or fined cake shops who refused to the latest arbitrary will of Our Loving Masters?

Blacks? Muslims? The Chinese? The Jews?


Without widespread White support in the cities — including the support/mysterious lack of opposition of the mainline Christian clergy — none of the above would have occurred, at all.)

For both races, revival, renewal, and repentance before Christ their King is the only way forward.

There is only one God; and, thus, only one Law.

Obey and your people flourishes and grows; disobey, and your nation withers and dies.

And the people came to the house of God, and abode there till even before God, and lifted up their voices, and wept sore;

And said, O Lord God of Israel, why is this come to pass in Israel, that there should be to day one tribe lacking in Israel? — Judges 2:2-3

Surely, God gets glory by smashing down His enemies, be they mighty nations like Germany or Japan, or trivial nuisances like Somalia or North Korea. Each of His enemies eventually get the fitting punishment they have earned, in time and on earth.

But God is far more pleased, when a rebellious nation repents, and turns to Christ, and obeys His Law-Word. Building a God-fearing nation up is far more interesting, more pleasing, and invigorating than cutting a nation down.

And God — having a preference to the eternal — is quite willing to build a nation up, leading more godliness from that nation, which means even more glory, wealth, power, and honour for that nation. This virtuous circle can go on forever… and God favours the idea of blessing His friends forever.

On the other hand, a dead nation simply stays dead. A just and fitting end, pure and clean, but not much of a challenge to God, and not particularly interesting. A closed circle is just a closed circle, without any interesting development or change or growth: eternal pain and inescapable despair in the lake of fire is just that.

God recommends life over death. I advise you to accept His recommendation.


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